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Wide Open

The following images are
taken from Linda's Book,
Wide Open,one of the smaller
format books of her
photographs. These
photographs, as usual,
have all the atmosphere of
her previous work.

"I used to joke with Linda, that by marrying me, she had "ruined her career." What I meant was that people's perception of her would inevitably change from fine photographer to wife of a celebrity."

"Her honesty shines through all the images she produced, and her general lack of artifice is continually refreshing"

I would sometimes wonder why she didn't shoot thirty-six versions of a subject like so many photographers I had been used to, but was always delighted when she explained with a smile that it wasn't necessary."

"No, I got it. .... She knew"

"The body of work that now exists is a fine legacy, and a beautiful testament to a unique and rare talent that was, and still is, my lovely Linda."

Paul McCartney

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