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Linda's Pictures

"The authoress, already a firm favourite of mine,
scores with her first outing in print."

Paul McCartney

"I've already said how if you have a really nice day
with someone you'll get some really nice pictures.
I like standing back and shooting with a long lens
(usually 135 mm). Portraits are great that way.
I don't like to crop pictures."

"It's funny. My father used to say,
"If you want to be a photographer, go and work for a professional.
Get trained." Well, I never had the patience for that.
I had to trust my feelings. Besides I'm too lazy, and then
I was actually doing it and I just couldn't stop for that.
And as it turned out, I got a lot of good shots
and a lot of good assignments."

"The light in Scotland is the best light in the world for me.
The incredible beauty in old rocks and moss. The sky, the changes in weather.
It's good. Good enough for me"

Linda McCartney, 1976.

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