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Bigjay's barbeque and beer website

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Welcome to my BBQ Page !!!

(you may leave hungry thats OK!)

This site was created for everyone who enjoys Weekend barbeque's and perhaps an occasional beer to go with it!! I personally have come up with some great recipies on my own for chicken, ribs, steaks, shis-ka-bobs, etc. (heck what guy hasn't???) and my favorite smoked sausage. I am by no means a chef, but I play one on weekends !! When I get together with friends we think we drum up some really great tasting food! Anyone who wants their personal recipes and any TIPS that they want shared to send them to me and I will get them included as well. I have a second and now third page that already has a few included on it. Have fun and good cooking!

Update ! 08-14-2002, I'm finally going to improve this website, the guestbook was taken down, due to shutting down,
I'll have another one shortly. I am considerable more progressed in my BBQ'n techniques since I first put this site up in 1998, so stay tuned...

Bon Apetite!

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Pics & Recipe Page
Bigjay's Photo page
Awards & Tips Page
Cookout/Personal Webcam NEW! NEW! 01-06-2000

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This site dedicated to the outdoor chef and beer guzzler!

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Many thanks to all my vistors! May you have an awesome BBQ !

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