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All of us have times when we need someone to care

All of us need someone to talk to from time to time.  Often we rely on our friends or family members when we feel stressed, lonely, or anxious about life.  Other times, many people find it helpful to make use of the services provided by professional counselors.  These counselors have been trained in listening, and are particularly adept at spotting certain patterns in their client's thoughts or behaviors that are preventing them from living their life to their highest potential. 

I know that there are situations in life that all of us want to talk about.  Perhaps we want to gain feedback over a big decision, to let problems or anxieties out into the open, or we simply want someone who will just listen and care about our difficulties in life.  That is where I can help.

I am not a professional counselor, so I do not charge a fee.  I am a kind and friendly caring person who will listen and discuss your situation with you to the best of my ability.  I have had some counseling training, so I will be able to respond to your situation in a knowledgeable and professional manner. 

I will not criticize,
I will not ridicule,
I will not judge.

Email me
about your situation and see.  What have you got to lose?
(Serious inquiries only please)

Some topics people email me about:

Divorce / Marriage failure,
Drug and Alcohol abuse,
Anxieties about life

These are your topics which we can discuss, or any other that you are experiencing. 
I want to help you see the way to recovering your life.

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