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Mace Windu with Blast-Apart Battle Droid! (Deluxe)

Now this is the Mace Windu I've been waiting for. It took me 2 years to track down this bad boy and I was able to find the updated Red Battle Droid Pack-In instead of the Whitish-Beige Pack-In. Contrary to many people's thoughts about this Figure, I love it. Even more so compared to all the other AOTC Mace Windus (for the exception of the Jedi Council Scene Mace). One minor flaw which I really don't mind at all is the smile on his face. I don't mind this at all due to the fact that
Mace Windu (Geonosis Rescue) looks like he's shittin himself and is fighting with his eyes closed. Yeesh. The great thing is, compared to the other Mace, this Mace can actually stand without the need of a base for support.
The Battle Droid included is another story. There are two different variations: Beige-White and Red. The Beige-White Battle Droid was packed with Mace during early Saga shipments. Later shipments had the Red Battle Droid.Not much to say here except he doesn't have peg holes in his feet so I guess he's meant to be a dead Battle Droid in Dioramas.
Mace Windu has 7 articulation points at the neck, shoulders, waist, hips, and left bicep. This is pretty basic for a figure.
The Battle Droid has 5 basic articulation points at the neck (ball joint), shoulders and hips.
Unfortunately, Mace doesn't have that much as far as paint application goes. I can't really comment on Painting details. Refer to my
Mace Windu (Geonosis Rescue) review for other Paint details as both figures pretty much are similar in paint application.
The Battle Droid doesn't have much as far as paint details go. He's pure Red with dirt splotches at the shoulders and has silver rings on his hip joints. He also has pure black paint for eyes.
Mace comes with a crap load of accessories. He comes with a metal-hilted lightsaber with purple removable blade, two Force blasts, and a Battle Droid that comes with a Battle Droid Blaster Rifle. That is 5 accessories, wow.
Mace Windu comes with two Action Features. The first is the usual Force Attraction deal with his magnetic hand and a metal-hilted lightsaber. You know the deal with that. Second, Mace Windu has a hole in his sleeve with springs inside that allow you to take the fireball or Force Push blasts and load them into his arm. You pull back on the stick coming out of the blast and it launches at your target. Really nifty as this doesn't call for a button to push on his arm or his butt, lol. This Action Feature is basically the same exact thing as the Action Feature on Jango Fett (Final Battle).
The Battle Droid also has a Action Feature. He splits apart at the waist. This is to simulate Mace Windu either using a Force Push on him or using the Force to throw a fireball blast at him and he falls over and falls apart. This Action Feature is nice in the recent Clone Wars line's Droid Army 3-pack as it comes with this exact Battle Droid, for the exception that it has STRONG magnets held in place at the waist to keep him held together better when in a Fighting mode. The Battle Droid figure that came in this set does NOT have the magnets and therefore falls to pieces very easily. I had to super glue his waist together so that he won't ever fall apart as I intend to use my figure for the purposes of Display and not to play with. 

Overall, I love this sculpt of the Mace Windu Figure. Yes, his arms look a little weird, but he sure is better than all the other Mace Windus. The Battle Droid is really nice (if you super glue him hahahahha) too. I just don't understand why there is a magnet in the Battle Droid's Blaster Rifle, though. I suggest that you pick this set up if you can find it. I like this figure set, so I'll give ti a pretty good grade.

Grade: A-

UPDATED: 1/29/04
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