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Mace Windu (Geonosis Rescue)

Good lord what happened to Hasbro when making this figure? His face sculpt is horrid. He looks like he's shitting his pants and straining to hard to do so. His eyes are closed so it makes me wonder how he can be attacking someone and not know what the hell is going on because his eyes are closed. His legs are sculpted in a way that he can't stand up at all on his own without the use of a Figure Stand. His arms are sculpted in the weirdest way as well. I think this figure was a Action Posed figure taken too far.
Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue) has 7 points of articulation. The points are at his neck, shoulders, right elbow, waist, and hips. His right elbow articulation is gosh awful as it is WAY TOO LOOSE due to his action feature.
Not much to say in this area as the main part of his body is his Jedi Tunic and it is NOT painted for the exception of his belt, sleeves and at the top where his other shirt shows through. 
One freaking accessory, Mace comes with. His purple-bladed lightsaber, big whoop. It is one of those metal hilted lightsabers with the removable blade. Not that much in this area.
Mace Windu comes with three Action Features. The first is his Force Attraction that allows his lightsaber to attach to his hand due to his hand having a magnet and his lightsaber hilt being metal. His second Action Feature is a Lightsaber Slashing Attack. First you would think this is a Lightsaber Throwing Attack as the first time you push the large button sticking out of his ass, he throws the lightsaber. However, there is a hole in his sleeve to push the end of his lightsaber into to keep it from flying out of his hand. Because of this action, his right elbow is WAY WAY too loose. This blows big time. His last Action Feature is the ability to fall flat on his ass or head. This figure can NOT stand up on his own and required a freaking Figure Stand for any and all support. 

Overall, I think this is the worst Mace Windu figure ever made. Second, I think this is one of the worst figures made in the entire Saga line. I hate this figure with a passion and am upset with myself for buying it. I should have just waited and got the Deluxe Mace Windu when I had the chance. I know that F is the lowest Grade that a figure can get, but this figure just is gosh darn horrid so I gave it a lower Grade than the lowest possible.

Grade: F-

UPDATED: 1/29/04
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