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Christina's Little Corner of the Web

Thank you for visiting my page.
I'm always tinkering with things so visit often.

To learn more about who I am you can take a look at my bio.

Books, Books and More Books

I am a voracious reader and I spend almost as much time looking up book websites as I do reading. I have put together a page that lists many of the really good sites I've come across and I will contuinue to add to it as I find others.

Currently Reading:

If you would like to see the books I've read recently click here.
Or to see what books I plan to read in the future click here.

Book Reviews:

I have written some book reviews for Book Review Cafe. Something I've dreamed of doing. I enjoyed the opportunity to read books I normally wouldn't have picked up on my own. I no longer write reviews for this website as I have returned to college to finish my degree. I have decided, however, to post some of my own reviews when I have the time and opportunity.

Here are links to my Book Review Cafe reviews if you would like to read them:

Check back often to see what I'm reading and reviewing!

My Favorite Web Sites

My BookCrossing Bookshelf
Random Acts of Kindness
Legend of the Green Dragon

Last Updated May 12, 2006