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lease of FireWall 3.  I plan on resurrecting FireWall again in its fourth form soon, but I have yet to start the project.  The pole has updated also.  How do you rate this site?  There are only three options, to make it simple.

Sunday, May 6th (5-6-2001)
For your convenience, email addresses have been added above so you can contact us more easily.  Fire Wall 3.25 beta to premier May 25th, 2001.  I still need to work out the bugs in it. Another game is in development, a text-based, internet RPG.  It will be some time before its ready.  By the end of the summer of 2001, we should have some Java and Flash games, so there will be more playable games that you don't have to download and install, you can play them right from the site.

Friday, April 27th (4-27-2001)
For you Mac users out there, I have added Escape Velocity 1.0.5 to download under our download section.  It is a very, very cool game.

The background was just too busy.  I got rid of it.  I have been wondering ever since I put the message board on this page, why no one, other then some people I know personally, has posted anything there.  I assume that it is because the sight only gets around 10 hits per day (that's this weeks average).  If you all want to know how busy this site is, the overall average is around 9.5 hits a day, and one day maxed out at 30 hits.  Those are some big numbers (j/k).  Anyway, tell your friends about this site.  BTW: I am going to greatly enhance the site during the summer.  School has just drain all energy and life out of me.  Thanks to all you loyal fans.  Lol.  Until next time...

Thursday, April 26th (4-26-2001)
The background has changed.  I am going to eventually get the darned Firewall 3.25 up, as if you all are going to actually download it. Lol.

Sunday, April 15th (4-15-2001)
Well, it appears no one entered the logo contest.  Its officially over.  Happy Easter to all.  A lot of you appeared angered at the banner below.  Some f you weren't.  A lot of you didn't even see it.  Oh yes, once I get Firewall 3.25 compiled, I'm putting it out on the download section.

Wednesday, April 11th (4-11-2001)
I was gone enjoying my spring break, and then after that I was busy with school, but now I have returned.  I will be posting FireWall 3.25 up shortly.  Keep voting on the poles.  Over and out.

Saturday, March 17th (3-17-2001)
ATTENTION: Artists.  I am looking for a logo or design art object for Fun Free Arcade.  I want you to submit to me your designs for this site.  For more information, check the Logo Contest rules.  Read the rules before entering, or you piece may not be eligible.

Wednesday, March 14th (3-14-2001)
I changed somethings at itself.  As you can see below, there is a nice LARGE banner below.  I know this is VERY inconvenient, but bear with me. Thanks.

Moday, March 5th (3-5-2001)
I must report to you that the size of the menu changed.  Over and out.

Sunday, March 4th (3-4-2001)
Based on the last pole, its seemed about half of you half downloaded games and the other half has not.  That's pretty good.

I stream-lined the site just a little.  Not very many people were voting on the poll.  I moved it up so people with lower resolutions could see it.  I also got rid of the larger menu to accommodate for the changes.

Friday, March 2nd (3-2-2001)
Oops.  The author names on the download/games section were messed up.  My email address was wrong.  It will now send to the appropriate place.

Hey everybody!  I finally added a new file to the site!  FireWall 3.1 has been added.  You can downloadit in the download/games section to the left.  As mentioned before, it has new updates, such as the ability to modify levels (very, very simple and easy to do) and better drawing.  It's much more efficient than the last 2 major version.

Tueday, February 20th (2-20-2001)
I'm back after several weeks.  I haven't had anything to report on.  No new games (I will be adding some here shortly).  I haven't worked on Firewall 3.2 in a long time, but I will be posting Firewall 3.1. 

Saturday, January 27th (1-27-2001)
A new link has been added, a friend of mine, go check it out at or go to the links section. 

FireWall 3.2 is coming along, rather slowly though.  School is all

Sunday, January 21st (1-21-2001)
The pole has changed.  You might want to go vote.  It's your duty to vote.  I'm just wondering if you all download stuff on this site.

Maybe I should make this a monthly update, since that is about how often I update the sight.  I am slowly progressing with FireWall 3.3.  I may post 3.2 up on the site. 

Sunday, December 31st (12-31-2000)
I haven't updated lately because I have been enjoying my break.  Firewall 3.1 is finished, and I am working on 3.2.  When it's done, which will be around 3.5 or 3.6, I'll put it out for you all to download.  But for now, laugh and make jokes about Firewall 2.  BTW: Happy New Year.

Monday, December 18th (12-18-2000)
Any that's downloaded FireWall 2, knows that it's not the best game.  So I have begun to reincarnate it in it's newest version, FireWall 3.00.  I have been working on it for the past couple of days, and it's turning out pretty good.  It now has the possibility to make your own levels, instead of me making you go through two small, short, monotonous levels.  You can have up to 32 bad guy ships at one time, with different speeds and rate of fire.  The lasers have changed from one long beam, to short beams you can fire rapidly.  This should turn out to be pretty good, and it has a lot more flexibility then the last major version. 

Saturday, December 16th (12-16-2000)
I have added a couple games to the arcade section, do to popularity of them.  Thanks to and for those games.

I have a question for you all?  Who goes to school on Saturday?  Snow days are a mixed blessing.

Friday, December 15th (12-15-2000)