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Links to sources for ship safety and security are on a separate page.

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Experienced professional seafarers are needed ashore in many kinds of establishments; shipping, insurance, and surveying companies, law firms, shipbrokers, port authorities, shipyards, government agencies, etc.

Please note 1: Jobs Available are changing all the time. I recommend you come back every one to two weeks and check job listings. Go to the job listings on each website below and check for new opportunities. It's very easy if you add this page to your "Favourites" (IE) or "Bookmarks" (Firefox).

Please note 2: When the crewing agent have an on-line application form, you must use it - if you don't, your application goes straight into the waste basket.

Please note 3: None of the listed recruiting agents on this page asks for any placement fee - neither in advance nor later.

Please note 4: Every link on this page opens in a new window. If your "Pop-up killer" is too efficient it can also stop new windows. When this happens, please press "Ctrl" and click on the link you want.
  • Marine Global Net. CAREER CENTRE for both shore based & shipboard jobs. Also a lot of additional information and news. MGN is the marine industry's longest running web portal (since 1995).

  • Maritime job centre with employment listings in 24 categories, mainly in Asia. The jobs are posted by the employers, which you will in your turn contact directly.

  • Engineering search engine for all engineers - includes jobs available.

  • Mainly shore based maritime jobs in developing countries (Africa and Asia). Senior Maritime Professionals may send their C.V. for evaluation free of charge. Go to "Contact" for e-mail address.

  • London based global maritime recruiting agency for shore based executive positions in the marine industry.

  • Shore (land) based oil industry jobs directory.

  • UK management level recruiting agent-"headhunter", employment for Marine safety & quality managers, engineer superintendents, marine company health & safety officers, etc (Engineers and Deck officers).

  • World-wide shore based maritime jobs (English or French language): security management, marine electronics, satellite communications, marine insurance, etc.

  • British shipmanagement company headquartered in Cyprus (Limassol) running over 100 ships and handling 3000 + seafarers recruits shore based Technical and Marine Superintendents, Personnel Officers and other Administrative staff. For ship based jobs use online application form.

  • Worldwide shore based job listings in the shipping sector: charterers and freight brokers. List of available vacancies include some C.V.s (resumes) that could be used as examples when writing a job application for a shore based shipping job.

  • British recruiting agent-ship management company with shore based (land) jobs. Must use on-line application form.
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Oil terminal
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  • German recruiting agent for shore based ("land side") maritime employment worldwide: Technical or Marine Superintendents, Fleet or Technical Managers, Brokers, Charterers, Marine Lawyers, Crew Management positions, jobs with Shipyards, etc. After registering you get the latest vacancies by email.

  • International group of ship survey companies, including cargo and draft surveyors, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Greece, Italy, Panama, Russia, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Uruguay. Employs experienced Marine Engineers and Ship Masters. Go to "Contact" page to make inquiry.

  • Antwerp (Belgium) based international maritime logistics employer with 53 own offices in Europe and Asia. Sea based onboard employment for Masters, Deck Officers, and (Chief) Engineers. Shore based jobs often require EU (European Union) work permit. Knowledge of French (Français) is an advantage. Use online application, separate form for onboard ship and ashore jobs.

  • Website (internet) design for maritime companies:
    - Medium sized ship owners
    - Small maritime companies

  • Shore based shipping job opportunities for experienced Masters and officers (deck & engine), like marine surveyors, shipping managers, technical and marine superintendents, lawyers etc. Use your own application form.

  • Mostly UK land based job listings: Ship Managers, Operations Managers, Technical Managers, Superintendents, Marine Surveyors, etc. You can subscribe for free daily updated job listings by email.

  • British-Swedish ship management company with over 90 vessels, based in Glasgow, employing experienced senior deck officers and Marine Engineers as land based Superintendents in UK and/or EU (European Union), occasionally also career opportunities for Naval Architects.

  • International shore based career opportunities: Chartering Officers, Crewing Managers, Ship Managers, Technical Superintendents, etc.

  • World wide land and ship board based marine job listings (mainly Europe and Asia): Marine Managers, Marine and Mechanical Engineers, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, Safety Officers, Superintendents, Rig Mechanics, etc.

  • Singaporean Marine Engineers employment database. Vacancies for ship yard workers & Machinists and ship management staff (office), use job search to find suitable vacancy.

  • Specialist offshore related recruitment agency for the petrochemical and engineering (oil and gas) sector land based employment: Piping Supervisors and Engineers, Instrument and Mechanical Engineers, Welders, etc. Job listings mainly in Singapore and Asia Pacific region. Offices in Philippines, P.R.China, Singapore, and Australia.

  • World-wide jobs in the dredging industry. Use your own or Don Pedro's application form.

  • Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, Geoscience, and Medical jobs with Saudi Aramco. Only about 50% of international employees are Americans. First you submit your résumé with online form (no cover letter needed).

    Then you fill in your application also online. After filling it in you print it out and send by "snail mail". Follow instructions on the website.
Container terminal

Marine Engineer at work

Dredger working in port

  • Shell Petroleum employs experienced professionals around the world - both sea based and land based opportunities. Choose your world region or country and search through vacancies available. Must use online form when applying. You can also sign up to receive Job Alerts by email once you have registered yourself as applicant.

    Beware of fake e-mails from "Shell Global Employment Program" ( The e-mails ask for C.V. to be sent to "" - but Shell head office is in Holland (Royal Dutch Shell). For more info on employment scams, see Nigerian Employment-Money Scam Example.

  • British Petrol (BP) recruits world wide, positions both sea and land based. Job opportunities are listed by location, use job search to view current vacancies in the area you are interested in.

  • Chevron Petroleum (includes Texaco, Caltex, and Total) employs experienced professionals world wide, both sea based - 21 vessels: crude and product carriers, LPG, and LNG - and land based career opportunities. Use job search to find current vacancies in your country / region.

    Chevron warns about fake job offers and categorically states neither they nor their agents require any payments or placement fees whatsoever. If you want to inform about a possibly fake offer you can do so by e-mail, either to: comment"at" (instead of "at" you type: @) or you can forward a copy of the offer to me - also by e-mail.

  • Occasional jobs for salvage and/or towing professionals in the Salvage Industry; Masters and crew (including divers and welders). Go to "Job Opportunities". Use on-line form.

  • Jobs in fishing, mainly around the British Isles, including Ireland.

  • If you are planning to try for a job in Alaskan fisheries, get advice on conditions, it's very hard work.

  • Deep Sea Fishermen's Union of the Pacific lists available jobs for experienced fishermen. Most jobs require US Green Card and Union membership.

  • Cyprus based international seamen's employment data base with jobs for Masters and Engineers (Ch. Engineer, 2nd and 3rd Engineers, Electrical Engineers) on chemical tankers, container vessels and fishing vessels (fishing in the Pacific). Job listings include salaries offered and links to detailed info on employers.

  • Management level employment opportunities for professionals in fishing and the seafood industry (fisheries, aquaculture, and related operations). Employers pay a fee to put up job listings - job applicants do not pay. Use your own application form, max. 2 print-out pages, send by email: howard"at" (instead of "at" you type: @ ), in the subject line you type: Job Application.

  • Fishing sector employment for Managers, Technicians, Supervisors, Biologists, and other professional specialists.

  • Training in UK for careers in the EU sea fishing industry.

  • Resources to marine environmental and underwater technology employment and careers.

  • The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (UK) have a Careers Advisory Service which provides information on accredited engineering courses. Also Employment Register for individual Marine Engineers looking for a job, where the Employer have to pay to get access. You have to register before you can access the information. On-line recruitment service for the marine and offshore industries worldwide.

  • Jobs for Naval Architects, Mechanical and Marine Engineers.

  • Global database of Maritime jobs indicating also current basic salaries. Use job search function - do not select any agent, select only rank or job title. You must register before you can get contact information for a certain employer or job.

  • Jobs for marine professionals with background in ship construction or operation. Use your own or Don Pedro's application form.

  • Marine Design and/or Process Engineering jobs from UK recruiting agent.
For yacht jobs and employment on Tall Ships go to Boating-Ocean Yachting Job Links

There is a employment-money scam targeting seamen, see Don Pedro's Nigerian Employment-Money Scam Example.

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