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news from the western front

You want 'em, you got 'em. Pleasant Grove (Dallas) has agreed to play the Feb. 7th show with us at the Deli. Winslow, a great band from Austin, returns to Norman for our March 9th show (also at the Deli). both shows, both bands, a bargain @ $5. That's two-fifty per band or 71 cents per band member - - reason enough to get off yer butt and check it out.

Congratulations to Billy, who will enter the University of Oklahoma. He hasn't made up his mind yet, but will probably major in music, minor in volume. How 'bout a course on fixing foot pedals and cords? Billy was asked if he planned to focus on any particular style or genre of music, to which he replied: "It'd be cool to play right-handed." There you have it. so, if you want to understand how Miles Davis framed the modern jazz era, why Blues isn't just the same song over and over and over, or maybe you can't figure out how Creed became so popular, just ask Billy, he'll tell you everything you need to know.

We are desperately seeking a place to practice. if there is a local band that would like to share a practice space, or if any of you happen to know a place in the area we could rent out, please let me know. See you at the Deli, and thanks for the 71 cents.

as you were,
the helicopter


Billy's top ten reasons for majoring in music:

10. Contacts, contacts, contacts.
9. To prove that "smoke on the water" actually sounds better in E flat.
8. A chance to learn some cool covers.
7. He still giggles like a teenager at the word "pianist".
6. To learn how to spell "The Who".
5. Thinks it will help him understand what the hell Ozzy was talking about.
4. Only a music professor would understand that a drummer ate his homework.
3. Billy to other freshmen : "don't you know who I am?"
2. Billy to professor : "what do ya mean 'D minus', you know I play in a band, right?"
1. Financial aid = "all new equipment, buddy."

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