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news from the western front

November 1, 2001

Dear heliwatchers,

Finally, the helicopter will be playing a show Friday December 7th at "the Deli" (in Norman, OK). The opener has yet to be determined, but we have a couple of really good bands that we want to play with us. Bottom line - don't miss this show. A date with the Starlight Mints (also in Norman) is in the works, however, several details still need to be worked out. more on this as it develops, see you all at the Deli...

thanks people,
the helicopter

October 7, 2001


It's been too long since we last played, and the problems with replacing the Jeffs took its toll on us. But, things are beginning to look promising. We realize that the process has been slow, but nobody is more ready for the comeback than we are. The response to the last helinewsletter was incredible, and our site received a record number of hits. Many of you are checking in regularly and we appreciate your interest. As a result of new-found success, the former hand-written helinewsletter has been dropped from circulation.

Although there's not a whole lot of new information to report, we don't want our fans to be left in the dark. We have formally acquired bassist Chris Aplin (The Infinite Jets), while Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) is helping out on keyboards until we can find a replacement. Things are certainly sounding different than before, and the change is significant. We have worked up a couple of sets and are almost ready to take it to stage. Chris has picked things up amazingly well and his stage moves are stunning. Look for the helicopter's new sound to be more aggressive than ever.

Booking local shows has been more trouble than I expected. The normal places are booked well in advance and we are waiting our turn in line. I'm working hard on this problem and you should expect a local show sometime next month. In fact, the Starlight Mints (currently touring the West Coast) have booked the American Legion Hall in Norman for the third weekend in November and they have asked us and Tea Set Colony to play as well. Believe me, for those who have been waiting, it should be well worth it. I'll let you know more as this show develops.

Otherwise, it's been fairly quiet in our corner of the world. Hang in with us a bit longer and you won't be disappointed...we promise.

Thanks people,
the helicopters