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Wavs Description
kissit.wav Chyna telling RTC what they can do with a copy of her Playboy issue
xpb_tch.wav X Pac telling HHH & Chyna what he thinks of them
chynavma.WAV Chyna on the vma.00 awards
hbkchyna.wav HBK sweetly telling Chyna that she needs to vs. Mankind for her #1 contender slot
c2words.wav The first time Chyna ever spoke
dxjackoffs.wav HHH making sure that their all in agreement
chynapmsing.wav Chyna telling Y2J about that time of the month
HCjackoffs.wav HHH making sure X Pac meant what he said
cnotafraid.wav Chyna saying that she isn't afraid of anyone
1sticchamp.wav Chyna annoucing that she is the 1st ever IC Womens Champion in the history of the WWF
cdxsplit.wav Chyna feels she should be the one annunciating the DX Split around here

If you want to see a certain wav on here then Email Me and let me know and I will try to get it for you.

More wavs coming soon!

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