WORLD OF RADIO #1085, produced June 27, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*This is final airing of WOR Sat 1130 on 15685; something else from
 July; but plenty of other airings still on WWCR, WBCQ, RFPI, WRN,
 WSUI, WPKN, C-SPAN, etc. For complete schedule see
*Pressure increases on BBC WS not to cut shortwave, especially by with interviews, press including AP story
 published worldwide; see DXLDs 1-085, 1-086, 1-087, 1-088 
*BBC frequencies to be cut, and which remain from July 1
*Cuts opposed by former BBC audience researcher Graham Mytton;
*MPs react favorably to objections, early day motion
*Merlin figures on SW listeners show fewest in North America, Pacific
 but 2.42 gigapeople worldwide with SW sets
*Former BBC head John Tusa also opposes cuts
*Ham DXpedition to Svalbard July 12: see
*RTVE Spain, major cut in workforce; affecting English service?
*The rest of Italy`s new English schedule, with contradictions
*Another version of Iran`s English schedule
*Piston aircraft at full rev noise on 15 MHz, from Iran?
*V. of Mesopotamia, clandestine frequency change
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, clandestine frequency change
*R. Iraq International in English clear only with synchronous AM
*Iraq inaugurates new homemade 300 kW MW transmitter; self-reliant
*IBB plans 600 kW MW relay on Cyprus by early next year, ex-Rhodes
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1085; P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Chuck Ermatinger
*R. Korea International plans evening relay via Canada next year
*R. Sweden and DW mixing product from Sackville on 90 meters
*RCI polluting entire 19mb and beyond with 15170 transmitter
*RCI website was hacked for hours on weekend
*KNOM, Alaska plans to run higher daytime power also at night
*Still no progress in Enid`s x-bander on 1640, but KBJA, 1640, now
 on air from Utah in Spanish
*WWL on 6 MHz explained as mixing product with WRNO on 7 MHz
*Multi-station switcheroo in Cleveland OH market first few days in
 July prompted by WCLV selling off prime FM frequency
*KUCA, Conway, Arkansas, closed down after 35 years; carried BBC, WRN
*Capitol Steps holiday special for 4th of July on NPR stations
*WBCQ has new PD Michael Ketter, hopes to start relaying BBC WS by
 August, and make other program changes; his new program UT Wednesdays
 0100 on 7415, The Planet
*WGTG licensee applied for new SW station near Manchester, TN
*Check for pirates on 25820 USB or NBFM 2300-0400 UT
*XERTA Mexico moved to new 60m frequency
*Peruvian earthquake with quick news from Henrik Klemetz on -- Bolivian
 internet links down; news from Peru at
*Peruvian hams quickly formed net for quake victims
*Tacna 9 MHz station on air with quake aftermath
*Voz Cristiana greeted, not relayed, Lima station, contrary to last
*Argentina decides to stay on UT minus 3, not 4
*Strike over pay looming at NBC Namibia
*UN Security Council urged to accept Morocco`s annexation of Western
 Sahara; end of Polisario clandestine? See DXLD 1-086
*Uganda using 7 instead of 4 MHz evenings
*R. Morobe, Papua New Guinea, was already back on air by last week
*United Patriot Radio called it quits, came back for more, and heard
 UT June 27, but ``credible but unconfirmed`` report says finally
 raided a few hours later {false alarm: still on next evening -gh}
*NPR reporters to be fined for opening any stories with soft lead
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 26: flux range 155-205
*That`s World of Radio 1085; I`m Glenn Hauser              ###