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Tulsa Area Frequencies

The Only Frequency Homepage for the Tulsa Metro Area.

I am about to go under some construction with this page. Please check back often...

!!!!!!!!!! NEW FREQUENCY WEB PAGE !!!!!!!!!!

This is a page designed specificly for scanner fun. It is packed full of frequencies that you can use. This page is updated all the time. Click below to go there...

~Dusty's Wacky Scanner Page~

Press here to check out the Tulsa Area Frequencies Message Board. You can post frequencies, scanner tricks, stories, anything goes

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Tulsa Police & Fire Frequencies

Tulsa Businesses Frequencies

Miscellanous Tulsa Frequencies

Tulsa Colleges & Schools (Coming Soon)

Tulsa Ten Codes, Signals, and More

Some of these pages are... please come back soon.

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