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Im not against all pop music. Some musician could suddenly want to compose his songs with a pop rythm and very catchy lyrics; I have nothing against that. But suddenly I see crap like the Back Street "boys", GaySynk, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera...

The other day I heard a stupid comment from a Pop fan saying that all these pop boy bands were good musicians. I believe that "musicians" are the ones composing, the ones writing the lyrics and creating songs, but all these pop singers are just used as instruments, they are told to sing the songs they are singing. They compose nothing, they are just like puppets to make money.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are a very bad example to the young girls. It seems that they are just trying to get naked on TV. What a bad example! They need to get naked to get more attention and more money. Britney Spears is not an excellent singer, she is more popular because of her sexy body. I think women should be pretty angry at these girls because they are only showing that women are only body and no brain. "Why do women have to study if they can make money dancing all most naked?" Thats what they are doing.

I get more pissed off because they are not composers and they are making lots of money when they are not true musicians. True musicians are the ones who deserve that money. Because of the bad stuff they are doing to the true musicians and women I think someone should put all these pop singers down.

Note: Sometimes it happens that you suddenly like a pop song. Its not your fault. They put catchy lyrics in the songs and the song goes all day long on TV and radio. After these its natural to start liking a pop song. Blame it one the pop industry.

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