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Oeron is no longer a band....
our last gig was in Skellefteå the 31st of july -98
we are all moving away from each other, Jonny the
guitar guy is still in Skelleftea, Andre the drummer
is moving to Alvsbyn, known as the most boring place
in the world! :) And Simon the bass guy and webmaster (me...)
is moving to the Middle East to work on a radio missionsstation
Maybe we will have a reunion sometimes....who knows?
God bless you all / Oeron

Hello and welcome to our homepage!
you have probably never heard about us, but were a christian band from sweden
We don´t like to put our music in some kind of genre, but since you ask...
I can say that the closest you can get is emo-hardcore, Happy?

Anyway, this site has very light graphics, that´s because we
only get irritated when a web page is to slow to load, and we don´t
wan´t to irritate someone, because people don´t like to be irritated.

Now and then we go to a studio in Älvsbyn (northern Sweden) and so long
we have recorded 4 songs, take a look at the lyrics. And this sound file of the song Take a closer look (552 kb, 35 sec, .mp3)

As you don´t know the guitarist Jonny Jonsson plays on a Jackson and uses a Solid Snowboard.
The bass guy is Simon Väcklén and he plays a Aria Pro2, (Silver snowboard).
The drummer André Jonsson (yes, they are brothers)has a Ride snowboard and
plays on the best drums who is available on the place where he is.

History Lyrics Pictures Who´s Simon? Who´s Jonny? Who´s Andre?(I would bet my s nowboard that he´s never gonna do one)

During the easter holidays we were part of a metal project
called Expectorant together with our friend Grajnd(Rolf Antonsson).
We recorded one really hard metal song that we wrote together
And great lyrics by Grajnd, download this Mp3 of the song Spiritual Recovering

This page was made and is maintained by
Simon in Oeron