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Who Is Native?
~A Commentary of Unknown Origin~

People saying that only card-carriers have a right to walk the Red Road,
do Spirit a serious disservice. When they forbid the ways of Spirit which fit this land,
from goodhearted people who live here, just because of the seeker's color or ethnic
background, do they think they are doing right by God?

Recently heard from Six Nations Confederation:
"The elders will say it is impossible, while the young have the capability to make it
happen," and... "I was at a meeting with several tribal elders, when young white
people seeking Native ways showed up on my doorstep. I asked the other elders
what should we do? The guidance of the Creator has always been to refuse this help
to no one. So we decided to help them."

And for a while I've been saying stuff like this:
This continent was settled by several waves of migration, from Atzlan, southeast Asia,
and northeast Asia. All came here with respect for the land, and the land accepted them.
Their descendants are now known as Indians, Native Americans, Native, etc. Even a few
whites came before Columbus, sailors from Scandanavia who found it good here and
settled in with those who were already here. All were accepted by the land, because
they respected the land. The way it was supposed to be was anyone who lives here and
respects the land, was to be considered Native. Until the Europeans came, who for the
most part did not respect the land, it was so. Then a distinction had to be drawn, as to
who is "Native" or "Indian" and who isn't. A distinction was drawn between friend and
enemy, and the government was the main one who drew this distinction.

Some people ask me what percent Indian I am. I cannot say, because my family didn't like
to talk about those things. Anyway, "percent Indian" is a BIA thing -- a US Government
thing -- a power of 2 based on how far back your most recent known fullblood ancestor
was. What does it matter how many generations back she was if she is talking to you now?
That's what I tell them. People cannot be cut up like pie charts; "percent Indian" conjures
up images of dissecting human beings. Someone else I know, when asked this, likes to
say, "my heart, my mind, and my right middle finger!", or something like that.

Nowadays many tribes are disbanding, and many new tribes forming. Maybe it will be the
way it was supposed to be from the beginning -- that anyone who lives here with respect for
the land is a Native, no matter what their ethnic heritage or when their family got here!
This is the way it was meant to be, and this is the way it will be again.

Note from the Webmistress:
The originator of this writing is unknown to me.
If you are the author, or know who is,
please click here to email me,
so I can list the deserved credit.

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