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A "Bobbie Sue's Grooves" Page

"The universe is full of magical things
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."


I am only a beginner in learning the ancient teachings about the magical
aspects of nature. When I began learning about the Medicine Wheel Way,
(please visit my website by that same name), I began noticing how
compatible that belief-system is with the Celtic-based beliefs.
No, the two belief-systems aren't exactly the same, but the two most
definitely "dovetail" when it comes to respecting the powers that Mother
Nature has to offer, if we only take the time to learn about it. Many
have categorized all beliefs that are based upon honoring Nature
as "Pagan," and they say it sometimes as though it's an evil, vile, dark,
negative, dirty thing to be associated with! There is a terribly unfair
stigma associated with it. There is a positive-n-negative and a
good-n-evil aspect about everything-anything-anybody. I, for one, am not
"into" any negative stuff. I'm "into" learning about the good, the
enlightening, the step-into-the-light, the positive, the
cleansing-purifying-healing kinds-of-stuff. And it is all THERE in
Nature's magic. Whatever your name is for God, the Great Spirit, it
really doesn't matter WHAT you call Him (or Her, if you wish), He is the
One Who provided us with all of these magical things when He put
us on this planet to live! A Rose is a Rose, ok?

"It has always seemed to me extreme presumptuousness
on the part of those who want to make human ability the
measure of what nature can and knows how to do, since,
when one comes down to it, there is not one effect in nature,
no matter how small, that even the most speculative minds
can fully understand."


"The most beautiful thing we can experience
is the mysterious."


The Principals Of
Excerpts from literature provided by
"Dragon Wings Metaphysical Gifts," of Ponca City, OK
  • (1) Magic is natural.
  • (2) Harm none, not even yourself, through its use.
  • (3) Magic requires effort, you will receive what you put into it.
  • (4) Magic is not usually instantaneous.
    Spells require time to be effective.
  • (5) Magic should not be performed for pay.
  • (6) Magic should never be used in jest or to inflate ones ego.
  • (7) Magic can be worked for your own gain,
    but only if it harms none.
  • (8) Magic is a Divine act!!!
  • (9) Magic can be used for defense,
    but should never be used for attack.
  • (10) Magic is knowledge,
    not only for its way and laws, but also for its effectiveness.
    Do not believe that Magic works, KNOW it!!!
  • (11) Magic is love. All magic should be performed out of love.
    The moment anger or hatred tinges your magic,
    you have crossed the border into a dangerous world,
    one that will ultimately consume you.
In very much the same way that the Native American "Medicine Wheel"
spiritual beliefs are based upon all things from nature, so are the
Celtic-based spiritual beliefs. (Please visit my other website, the
"Medicine Wheel Way," - a link is on down this page). And, so are all
of the other belief systems referred to as "Earth Religions."
To me, they are all saying the SAME things! Not exactly in the
very same way, but still, the common threads go completely around
this plant! I find that very exciting, a very promising factor in our
hope for world peace and unity! Start being aware of these
common threads! Oriental beliefs, African beliefs, Celtic beliefs,
Native American beliefs, all based upon the natural workings of our
Mother Earth and her outer universe. And each one teaching us about
an aspect of Nature that we never heard of before! And hey, just
because you never heard of them before doesn't mean they don't
exist! Most likely, you have heard of them before, but
just wouldn't open up your mind to accept, hmmmmmmm? Be honest!

So, enough already. Just think on it!

(Art is entitled, "Fairies With People," by J.C. Christensen)
Earth Elements, Earth Points, Nature Spirits
Each "Direction of the Earth" is associated with an
"Element" and a network of "Nature Spirits."
For some basic information about it,

The page includes great links to other sources on this topic.

For instruction on the magical use of
(Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
~and more~
Enter Here

"We are all born charming,
fresh, and spontaneous,
but must be civilized
before we are fit
to participate in society."


~Excerpt from the Article~
"Paganism-Christianity: Side-by-Side in the year 999"
-by Kennis Wessell, Ph.D.

~ Pagan Rituals Were Common Practices in 999 ~
Pagans weren't always bad. The Latin word "pagus" means "country,"
in the sense of a rural area. Someone who might live in the country,
such as a farmer, was called "paganus." When Christianity became
the new, modern religion of Europe, the "paganus" in the country was
predictably slow to relinquish ancient beliefs. So the word "pagan,"
which really meant "a rural person," came to be applied to anyone who
was slow to become Christianized. The word "heathen" is very similar.
It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "heath." Anyone who lived among
"heather" on the hills of England was a "heathen." And like the pagan of
Latin areas, they were slower to give up tradition. More progressive
people, Christians, looked down on pagans and heathens, and soon
those words had the connotation of "unchristian."
To say that pagans were unchristian is not to say that they lacked beliefs.

To read Dr. Wessell's complete article,
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