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A "Bobbie Sue's Grooves" Page

Candied Yams ... Sweet Potato Casserole ....whatever
I had Thanksgiving dinner with a group of my cousins this year.
When I filled my plate, I included a dollop of the marshmallow-topped
yam dish, just because, no matter where ya eat Thanksgiving dinner,
it's simply "tradition" to eat the marshmallow-topped thing that some
call "Candied Yams," others call "Candied Sweet Potatoes" and still
others, including me, just call the "Yam Thing," or "Sweet Tater Thing."
But for my part, the TRUTH is, I quit actually liking that dish years
ago! No matter what pains the preparer (any preparer) of it had gone to,
no matter how many extra ingredients or special touches or whatever
...the same thing always happened. I'd take that first bite and it would be
totally yummy; but, as I'd continue to chew, all the goody-tasting stuff
of that first bite-down would be totally GONE! There would be
nothing left but the taste of a totally UN-seasoned tater!
But, hey, it's "tradition" to eat it I'd always eat it.
The goody taste stayed in the taters for an entire chew-and-swallow!
WOW! I asked the hostess cousin who had made the yam thing, she told
me that Beverly had. The very next day, I emailed ol Cuz Beverly and
asked how she made em. Here's our email exchange after that:
"On those sweet potatoes I used
~ two large cans of sweet potatoes, drained, and put in
~ one large jar of Marshmellow Creme,
~ about a stick of Parkay and
~ probably a cup of brown sugar,
~ mixed it all together with the mixer and then just heated it thru -
~ can put it in the oven just long to heat it good or the micowave.

You can use the raw sweet potatoes too if you want, just cook them first
and then put all the rest in." I replied back to her, "Didn't you also put some
~ mini-marshmallows on top?
Would have sworn you did." She answered back, "Yes I did and
~then put it in the oven and let the marshmallows brown."
Cousin Beverly made it -
the very best "yam thing" that I have EVER tasted!

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