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Betty's Haven

My dad's brothers and sisters
Lewis "Tup" Sanders
 Born 5-18-1908 Died 4-23-1991
Tup was a twin to Moot.
Their real names were; Lewis and Lois.
Tup was a preacher and missionary to the indians in AZ
He was a painter for years and pastor of the Pentecostal
Holiness church in Phoenix, AZ for years.
More about him here if you like
Lois "Moot" Sanders
Born 5-18-1908 Died 7-31-1993
She was a twin to Tup. She was a very lovely
lady who was an excellent family historian.
Here if you want to read more about her
Jack "Tige" Sanders
Born 3-22-1916 Died 8-8-1975
Tige was daddy's youngest brother.
He was deputy marshal in Braggs years ago.
I loved to go to visit uncle Tige's family
when I was a kid. Read more here if you want
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