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EFFECT MAR. 15th 1999
  • All Listing for any books in the Sell or Trade Catagory are now ten dollars each. All Listing In "The Books Wanted" Catagory remain free.  In addition if you are a commerical book dealer. or if you have many titles to sell  plese consider having our team design your own Web Site.
  • To submit the title of the book that you are offering for sale :
  • State Price and condition of the book.
  • Optional - Include a brief description of the book.
  • Include your name. address, phone number and E-Mail Address.
  • E-Mail this information to the manager.
  • Your listing will appear within a few days after your payment is received.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to list any title that we find to be questionable or inappropriate in nature.
    To place a Book Wanted message contact the manager.
    When Ordering a Title Please mention This Site!

    A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health by Dave Marx DVM. We feel that this is one of the best book about Pigeon Health available to American Fanciers.

    Contact: J. Batty
    The Jacobin Handbook by the late Harry W. Alexander This book is hard bound with 4 color plates and 80 photos and illustrations. Loaded with information that will help breeders of all types of pigeons.  Price is $40 plus $3 shipping and handling Order from Bill Griebel 12032 Rio Hondo Pkwy. El Monte, CA 91732.

    Encyclopedia Of Pigeon Breeds. By Wendell Levi Mint condt. 65$ Rudy E mail 
    The Birningham Roller by Bill Pensom  cost is $12.00 and $2.00 for shipping and handling. These are not used copies, they are New Editions. Contact
    International Racing Pigeons History and Memoirs by George Twombly. This
    book is in very good condition. Still has the dust cover on it. A very nice book; $25.00.  Squabs For Profit by Wm. E. Rice & William E. Cox.  Very Good condition. Copyright 1929,  114 pages with old pictures within and drawings too! $35.00
    Contact Bill Jacox,12 Ackert Hook Rd.,Rhinebeck, NY 12572  Phone 914-876-4897

    Encyclopedia of Pigeon Standards - The NPA Pigeon Breed Standards Collection. Click here for order form.

    Wonderful World of Pigeons Coloring Book - The NPA Coloring Book containing the artwork of Diane Jacky. Click here for order form. 
    The Turbit Handbook....good cond  $30  Joe Polidoro  41 vermont ave n.babylon  ny 11704.  516-587-4959  
     The Pigeon Breeders Notebook (New Edition) Feather, Form & Flight  = $19.95 plus $3.00 p&h. The Pigeon Breeders Notebook (Old Edition) An Introduction To Pigeon Science (Celebrating 28 years of reprinting) = $14.95 plus $3.00 p&h. Order from - QB&Q Publishing, 2817 Sanford Rd., Atwater, Ohio 44201 

    This is the English version and is in excellent condition with very little foxing to the paper. US $375.00.
    contact Rick
    Karl Rau, RR 2 Box 3350 South CHina, Maine 04358;
    phone - 207-445-2315 is looking for these titles:
    Gibson, L.P., "Genetics of Pigeons"

    Sell, Axel, "Breeding and Inheritance in Pigeons", English version
    Mario Corral is looking for these publications -

    American Pigeon Journals:- 1940: January 1945:Jan/Feb,Mar/Apr,May/June 1946:March,April,May,June,Oct 1951:March 1952:Feb,April Pigeon Review:- 1978:July ROLLER BOOKS I NEED! "The Performing Roller Pigeon Abstract"by Thomas Hatcher "The Last of the GREATS" by Thomas Hatcher "The ROLLER DIGEST" by Pensom & others. h/c 1967 "The book of Flying Tumblers & Rollers"by Jack Prescott Specially interested in pre 1900 printed PIGEON BOOKS/PUBLICATIONS.
    Wanted :The English NPA Fancy Pigeon Standards. Contact Neil Boswell
    Looking for:  Masters of Breeding and Racing by Victor VanSalen. Contact Mark Rhyner, 381 W Berridge Drive, Sierra Vista Arizona 85635-3007. (520) 459-7329  leave message. 
    I want to find the book Racing Horses of the Sky by Piet Deweerd. I want to read any books by this author, so if I can't find this title, I will buy any books by Deweerd. 
    I am looking for any book or journal devoted to tipplers.  Joe Polidoro  41 vermont ave n.babylon  ny 11704.  516-587-4959 

    I'm interested in purchasing  Leon Whitney's book, Pigeon City.  Gene Yoes, PO
    Box 3088, Lake Charles, Louisiana 318-474-1289 or email

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