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1932 Plymouth & 1934 Dodge Roadster Pick Up

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I will be updating this page more now that the HOTRODDER site has been acquired by hot rod and access to it has stopped or redirected to the other site. I wish they had given me notice before all the other info was lost.

Front View Motor View Rear Four Link & Posi-Trac set up

Body & Chassis

Update 6-13-99

The project coupe started with no frame,floor and firewall blow torched out,rear fenders beat off with a four pound hammer & top filled sometimes in the 50's.Its put on hold until the Fiberglass body mold has been built.

Two Gems -------------------If Two's Fun Then Three's A Party

"Updated 09-09-01"

Rides From Down Under

READERS RIDES AND TOYS (updated 09-09-2001)

Julle's Toys from Across The Pond (updated 09-11-2002)

Update 02-05-2001
Body Repair for the making of a Fiberglass Coupe Body Mold

How To Build a Fiberglass Hood ( from your Buddy's if you can't find one!)
Dave Johnson's 1919 Dodge Roadster
No, it's not a kit car!

Nationals East YORK, PA.--JUNE 2000

Updated 09-19-2001

Update 3-20-2004

1930 "U" Series Oval Rear Window Plymouth Rumbleseat Coupe Body Same style as 1931 PA
Special Painting
Non MOPAR Rides
Mickey's 37 Chevy starting Project.No Frame Here
Update 6-25-99 Mickey's 37 Chev Convertible Custom
Mick's New Wheels
Late Summer Afternoon
By The Lake
Future Trailers
Future Project

Hugo Area Cars

More Area Cars



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