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Painting for "Mutti"

My First Venture into Modernism/Contemporary Art

This was actually fairly easy to paint, considering it was almost all geometric shapes. It was just a matter of getting it all drawn out and taping off the shapes to ensure nice straight and defined lines. The painting is comprised of (3) 16x20 canvases, that all correlate together. It's essentially one big painting that is broken up into 3 parts. Certain shapes spill over into other shapes, and so and so forth.

I painted this for my Mom, for a combination b-day/Mother's Day present. Hence the name above...Painting for my Mutti. "Mutti" is a slang term for one's mother in German. Inside joke if you will. haha

These are 2/3 of the total painting. Here are the center piece and the righthand piece.

I tried to arrange all of the shapes, so to lead one's eyes around the painting, thereby admiring the entire work, instead of just one area. But, like I said, this was my first venture into Modernism/Contemporary Art, so it was a sort of fly by the seat of my pants type thing.

I ran all the prospective drawings past my mom to see if it met her approval before I started. I also had her pick the colors I used so that it would match well with all the new colors of the newly built house. I was somewhat skeptical about the bright lime green color, but apparently it matches well with her decor.

Well, here is the finished all its splendor. I think it turned out pretty nicely, especially considering my lack of experience with contemporary art. So, hopefully Mom will enjoy it once it's hung up in the new house.

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