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Weasel's Gallery 'O' Paintings


Welcome all to my wonderful and underrated gallery of artwork.  As you'll be able to tell, a large portion of my work focuses on sports...and well, there's a reason for that, as you might imagine.  I'm a huge sports fan, and I've found by combining my love for sports with my love for painting, I have something I can do for a living that is a passion and love for me.  Hopefully this is conveyed through my work.  Anyways, enjoy your visit and tell your friends to visit often!  Thanks for coming, and make sure to bookmark my site!

bigl6.jpg (70263 bytes)

"Ode To Donny"

gagepainting.jpg (141138 bytes)


garverpainting5.JPG (29609 bytes)

"Garver '51"

jakepainting.JPG (52174 bytes)

"The Jake"

mommdlpaint.JPG (45054 bytes)

"El Moderno"

urlacher5.JPG (18201 bytes)

"Bear of the Old School"

annefinished.JPG (42483 bytes)


priorpainting6.JPG (18065 bytes)

"Promising Debut"

"Save Ferris"

"O Danny Boy"

hancockfinished1.JPG (17734 bytes)

"A Lake Shore Kinda View"

"Buckingham at Dusk"

"The Shot"


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