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My Big Lebowski Painting

This is a painting I planned for a while. It's a painting that is somewhat of an "inside joke"...but at the same time, self-explanatory. I painted this for Katie B. - one of my closest and best friends. She has an appreciation for "The Big Lebowski" that rivals mine, so I painted this as a birthday present for her. I can't recall how long it took to paint it, but I only paint as a hobby, so it took a lil while I guess.

In the top left, which is still white in this picture, is "The Dude". The top right features (my personal favorite) Walter Sobchek...the token wacked out Vietnam veteran of the film. Classic character. Prominently in the middle, we have Donny, the tragic character of the movie. In the bottom right (still white), we have the ever-loving but "we believe in nussing" Nihlists. The bottom left you ask?...oh this is Jesus. "8-year olds Dude." (if you love the movie that quote should make you chuckle histerically!)

Now, what you have here is a close-up of Mr. Sobchek.

If you haven't seen the film, then you have no idea why Walter is prominently holding a Folgers coffee can up in the air. But, if you haven't seen the film...then leave right now (bookmark my site first though...dork!) and go and rent or buy it, you'll love it!

Either way, I felt like this scene of the movie really captured the dillusion of Walter. And, that said, that's why this picture is part of Katie's painting. So, there stands Walter on the oceanside cliff, his shooting glasses on that remind me of Blu-Blockers...his fishing vest/miltary vest, his cargo shorts, button-up shirt, and his short temper for people who don't respect what sacrifices the Vietnam veterans made in the war..or has he would put it..."for my buddies who died face down in the mud"

As you can see, there's a slow progression here from one of the pictures to the next...if you can't then I ask that you step away from the computer and get back to your Braille. Sorry, sometimes I just can't help but be a complete smartass. Anyways, as you can tell, I'm finished with Walter by now, and almost completely done with "The Jesus", and am working on "The Dude". Because of the strong bowling theme I added some bowling pins around the "title" portion of the painting.

Here, I started to work a bit on the background more, and I added the bowling ball striking the bowling pins thing to the spaces I felt distracted the on-looker...gotta keep you hosers entertained, huh?

At this point as well, I've finished "The Dude", and all I have left is Donny in the middle and the lovely Nihlists in the bottom right of the painting.

The part I enjoy about this painting the most, is the fact that because I love this movie so much and I enjoy all the characters so much...I can look at each picture I chose to use and start cracking up just looking at it...because I know exactly what is going on during this scene. I hope anyone who's seen the movie feels the same way!

Well, this is the almost-finished product. I was almost done with the Nihlists, but not completely. Unfortunately, this is a really crappy I apologize for that. But, I guess that happens. Besides, it's a cool enough painting that it should speak for itself I guess. I hope you enjoyed the progression that was my "Big Lebowski" painting. And, if you still haven't seen the movie yet, then get your behind out there and get it!!!

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