A confection-like pink and brown quartz with nice polish. $2

Topaz. $2

Citrine. $1

Lake superior agate, tumbled, $15

Minnesota agate, tumbled, $15

Petrified wood, brown and gray stripes. $4

Brazil agates. $2

MN agate with eye. $3

Tumble polished aquamarine, the traditional birthstone for March. Mt. Antero, CO $10

Flat polished brazil agate, golden color. $4

Turquoise nugget, drilled to hang. $5

Turquoise nugget with black, drilled to hang. $5

Orange and white agate. $1

Moss agate. $1

Yellowstone with darker transparent inclusions. $2

Tumbled carnelian. $1

Minnesota eye agate. $2

Tumbled amazonite. $1

Tumbled aventurine. $1

Brown agate,unidentified. $1

Shiny black polished stone about 2"x1.5". $1.50

Minnesota agate. Mysterious eye. $3.50

Pretty white spots. $2.50

Minnesota agate. $1

Petrified wood from Montana. $5


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