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Cooloola Rocks and Minerals
Suppliers of the very best in Australian & World Wide Rocks, Minerals, & fossils specimens from tiny to huge museum size.

Come Fly with the Eagles!

Offering a variety of Custom Corporate Awards, Bronze Sculptures, Custom Blown Glass Figurines, Limited Edition Porcelain Statues, Leather Belts, Belt Buckles, Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry all are featuring the American Bald Eagle. Home decor such as wall hangings, clocks, etched glass mirrors, coffee and end tables and more.

Embassy Emeralds

Italian Minerals

Khyber Minerals

Magnetic Bracelet - Designer boutique of magnetic jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and lariats. Enjoy the health benefits and pain relieving properties of therapeutic fashion accessories.


Mineral Collectors Network

Mineralogy Club of Antwerp

Paula's Cottage Charm

Stone Art Traders Rock & Gift Shop

Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Jewelry, Original Artwork, Collectibles and More! Specializing in rare and hard to find minerals from discontinued and depleted mines.

The Crafts Fair Online


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