Wish I knew what this is. It's sparkly. 4"x3". $5

One inch square sodalite, pattern for cab drawn on back. $2

Sparkly white stone, polished on one side. Two inches diameter. $3

Red lace, 5"x1". $5

Flesh colored slab, polished on one side. 3"x1.5". $4

Hematite and jasper. Minnesota. 4"x3". $4

Green moss agate slab. This material has been in the family collection a long time and I was told it was from Mississippi. 3"x3". $4.50

Stromatolite (algae jasper), from Mary Ellen mine, is a two billions year old fossil. Slab with attractive pattern, suitable for lapidary or display. 4"x4" approx. $9

Ruby cullet. Byproduct of smelting. Old material. 2'x2.5". $5

Small brazil agate. 3" diameter. $5

Known as chinese writing stone or chrysanthemum stone, depending on pattern. 2.5"x2". Limestone matrix with andalusite crystals. $5

Not sure of the exact name of this material but it is from the same area of MN as where binghamite was found and it comes close. 3.5"x3". $4

Stromatolite with quartz, eastern MN. 4"x4". $5

Green moss agate. 4"x2.5". $5

Green agate. 3.5"x1". $3


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