Moss agate with terrific patterns. 3" diam. $5

Stone with copper inclusions that gleam. 2"x1" and I have two of them. $2

Laguna agate. 3"x3". $7

Mary Ellen jasper. 13"x24". $200.

Pyrolite, from NE Minnesota. 15"x12". Polished on one side. $75

Green moss rectangle, polished on one side. 1.25"x2.25". $5

Gem quality tigereye slab. 2.5"x3". $15

Unidentified material from Ontario. 3.5"x3". $2.50

Thick granitic material. Very nice. 3"x3". $2

Brazil agate. 4"x2". $5

Brazil agate. 4"x2". $5

Solid jasper (unknown origin), the pattern of which didn't show up well on the photo. 2.5" diameter. $3

Dark blue tigereye, old stock, with a couple streaks of gold. 3"x2". $10

Petrified wood. North Dakota. 3"x3". $4

Maroon jasper with some quartz. 3"x2.5". $4

Petoskey stone. 2.5"x1.5". Fossilized coral. The state fossil of Michigan. $4

Hematite and jasper. MN. 3"x3". $4

Petrified wood. Unknown origin. 5"x1.5". $5

Petrified wood. 3.5"x2.5". $3

Tan lace agate or similar. 7"x3". $5

Yellow plume agate. US southwest area. 4"x2". $3

Brazil, or similar agate, with white center. 2.5" diameter. $2

Algae jasper. 4"x3". $3

Iron range material. 3"x3". $5

Yellow fossil slab. 4"x1.5". $4

Red jasper and hematite. 3"x2". $3

Minnesota jasper. 3"x2". $2

Polished agate slab with interesting pattern. 2.5"x1.5". $2

Light green picture stone. 3"x2". $2

Tiger stripe jasper and hematite. 1 and 3/4"x2 and 3/4". $2

Tiger eye slab. 2.5"x3". $13

Peristerite, a feldspar mineral that shows iridescence. 3"x2". $5

Polished agate, unidentified. 1 and 3/4"x1". $5


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