Chalcedony from Texas. 1 lb. $5

Garnet in matrix. 4"x5" chunk. $60

Pyrite and gemmy feldspar, Blowing Rock Blvd. Caldwell County, NC. If I can acquire another specimen I would try to vibrolap this. It's beautiful. About 3 lbs. $35

Lead silver. 3"x2". $10

Agate from Tennessee. 1 lb. $7

Jasper from eastern Minnesota. The line is a saw mark, not a fracture. This specimen has been in the same family for over 60 years. Weighs 20 lbs. 8"x6"x6". $90

Amethyst crystals on reddish matrix. Distinct crystals on the face but very characteristic of the formation. Silica matrix takes bright polish. 7"x 5"x3" and 9"x5"x3". Weight is 10 lbs. $17

Thunder Bay amethyst. Two colorful pieces for collection or display. 5"x5"x3" and 5"x2.5"x2" Total weight is 6 lbs. $17

Thunder Bay amethyst. Two pretty pastel pieces for collection or display. These two are the type that if cracked open might reveal more hidden crystals. Each about 5" diameter and total weight 6 lbs. $15

Thunder Bay amethyst. Four small pieces for collection or display. Dimensions are 4"x3"x1.5", 2"x2"x1.5", 2.5"x2"x1", and 2.5"x2"x2". Total weight is 3 lbs. $10

Rainbow obsidian from California, mostly black but sometimes photographs amber with gray stripes. Two pieces weigh close to four pounds $20

Collection of turquoise, chrysocolla, similar ores associated with copper. Average size 1.5" diameter. Some may be stabilized, others ready for cabbing, wire wrap, etc. $50

Slab is composed of the following metals: pyrite, chalcopyrite, gold, silver, lead, copper. Given the price of precious metals, these are a real bargain! 2.5"x1.5" $15

Yellow jasper from Idaho. Weighs one pound. $5

Idaho jasper. One half pound. $4

Idaho agate. One half pound. $5

Idaho jasper. Brown. 3/4 lb. $5

Idaho jasper. Slightly more than one pound. $6

Angle plate quartz from North Carolina. It's not so attractive in pictures but is covered with a fine druzy that sparkles like crazy in the sun. 4"x2.5". $3

Angle plate quartz, NC. Very sparkly in sunlight. 2.5"x2". $2

Amethyst crystals on matrix from Thunder Bay mine. Weighs 78 lbs. Squarish in shape, approx. 14"x15". Beautiful landscaping stone. The matrix takes a high polish. Hit it with a sledgehammer and sometimes there are exquisite vugs hiding inside. This will not fit in a flat rate mailer so the postage will be quite high. One of those stones you might want to pick up when you're visiting the area. $165

Thomsonite in basalt matrix. 4"x2"x1". $50

Thomsonite in basalt matrix. Minnesota. 2"x1"x1". $25

Angle plate quartz from NC. 3,5"x2"x1.5". $3

Psilomelane from Black Rock Desert,Nevada. Supposedly glows orange in black light. 2.5"x2"x1.5" $10

Blue holly agate. Rare and unavailable to collect since 1997. Face of largest piece is 1"x1.5" Should be kept out of sun. $40

Carnelian. Natural. Chandler Mountain, Oregon. Largest is about 2"x1". $20

Maury Mountain moss agate. 3.5"x2"x2" $10

Red plume jasp-agate from Callapooia River. 4"x3"x2" $30

Old stock polka dot agate. Ashwood, Oregon.4"x3"x3". $25

Fall Creek, wood with agate. 2"x2"x1" $5

Snakeskin agate from Rome, Oregon. Largest piece is 5"x2.5" and fairly thin. $7

Hampton Butte green petrified wood. Very high quality. Largest is 4"x2.5"x1" Green pet wood is only found on two places on the earth. This is from Oregon. $35

Ribbon lace porcelein jasper from Fall Creek. One tumble polished sample plus 5"x3"x3" chunk. $20

Limb cast agate from Paulina Oregon area. 2"x3" Pinkish. $18

Mahogany obsidian. 4"x3"x2" $9

Graveyard Point plume with marcasite. 5"x3"x3" $18

Agate from Post Oregon. 4"x2.5".1.5" $10

Sunstone, the state gemstone of Oregon. 6 pieces. $15

Moss agate from Richardsons moss bed, Oregon. 2"x2"x2". Characteristic red plume. $10

Thunder eggs from Richardson Ranch. Will contain either opal or agate when cut open. $20

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