El Bandito is the first foal from The Duce, and the third foal out of My Spanish Rose. Both of his parents are highly accomplished, and his grandsire, Cat Theif, is also a wonderful show horse and famous among the HV members. Little did we know how fitting El Bandito's name would be! He has a very playful nature and when he looks at you, you see something akin to mischief glinting in them. You better watch out - if you have a carrot or sugar cube in your pocket and come around El Bandito, you are almost guaranteed to become the next person on El Bandito's hit list!

In the near future we plan to breed El Bandito to Dragon's Tears. We are greatly anticipating this foal! This would be Cat Theif's great-grandfoal and it would make both The Duce and My Spanish Rose grandparents! El Bandito is not currently open for public breeding.