The Duce is twin to Just Because I'm Irish. He was originally bred for Alex out of her mare, Shamrocks. The Duce has large, correct bone structure, a small, ornate head and is a fine example of the classic Arabian form. He is quite an eye catcher as he has some quite fancy movement. The Duce seems to give off a regal aura that leaves people feeling breathless as they watch him preform.

The Duce is part of the famed Cat Theif Bloodline. If you would like to own a horse in the Cat Theif bloodline, then don't miss this chance to breed you mare to the Duce! Right now The Duce's stud fee is $10,000. It will be raising as his points and fame increases. The foal would be under contract that if you ever quit hv, decide to sell the foal, or decide to geld the foal it would be offered to Jessica first.