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Exclusive Champ Chassis dealer

Dwarf Car & Modified Lite Race Car Parts

GSXR 1000, 750, 600 motors, services and parts.

GSXR Wire harness trim services.

Winters QC and parts, Toyota Rearends, axles and parts

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Both MOD LITE classes at Deerfieild Speedway in N. E. Ohio is won by our Champ Chassis cars. D. Stanley wins his 3rd straight track Championship and Second year driver S. Meadows wins his first in the 600 Mod Lite class.

NXS Motorsports web site, the one and only source for your Champ Chassis Cars and parts. Business hours will be Monday thru Friday 10 am to 5 pm EST.
As the Exclusive Champ chassis dealer, we will stock Champ Chassis in three stagges. Chassis stage...Roller chassis stage. And Turn key race ready stage. Champ chassis parts from Bumper to Bumper. You will NOT find these parts available at any other web site. Modlite and dwarf car parts for other brands will also be stocked. But only the common items. This NXS Motorsports site will be made for ease of navigation.... We also will have many years of GSXR engine parts and GSXR 1000, 750 and 600 motors. Aftermarket GSXR engine parts. Parts for front ends. Suspension parts such as shocks and springs. Electrical system parts and Quick change rearend parts. We will carry fuel system parts such as fuel cells, stock gsxr 100 and GSXR 750 fuel pumps. We will have our own NXS fuel pump install kits. Fuel pumps, fuel lines, hoses and fittings. Brake calipers, pads, AN fittings.

Steering parts. Headers and mufflers. Control arm for both upper and lower connections. Rod Ends, guages, oil and cooling system parts, as well as air cleaners, spark plugs, oil filters, our own NXS cut down oil pans. GSXR 1000, 750, and 600 wire harness cut down and in stock. You will be able to send your harness to us and get it back in just days. We have been doing shortened harness for 8 years and guarantee our work, and return time. Spindles, drive shafts, fuel cells, gears, front suspension parts, and most any Mod Lite or Dwarf car part you might need. We plan on being very competitve with our prices and hope to gain just a small share of the growing Modlite and dwarf car motorsport. You can email us your photos. We will try to answer most any question you might have about the gsxr 1000, 750 or 600 motors. CLICK MOTOR PHOTO FOR MORE INFO...

Hopefully some of our knowledge of the GSXR motors will help you down the road to save a few dollars on do it yourself repairs. We are very proud to bring you any, and all, parts for Champ Chassis. Eliminator chassis, Pro chassis, Lightning chassis and other chassis parts will be in stock. However our majority of parts will be for Champ Chassis... Champ Chassis is built here in N.E, Ohio and has been around for a long time. New Chassis will be in stock and you choice of body panels will be available. Eevry single Champ chassis part will be ready to ship. No waiting for parts. Champ Chassis have won many top national and local event. Just in 2010 Champ Chassis won the track championship in N.ER. Ohios Deerfield Speewday. Toyota 8 and 10 bolt rearends,housings, short and long axles for bocth 8 and 10 bolt Toyota rears. Bearings and seals for the those axles as well. Winters Quick change rearends, gears and brackets can also be purchased from us. We will have boards for race results and future events You will be able to post your cars for sale here as well. Please check back with us in the very near future as we begin to add stock and open grow this web site and business. We will be adding parts in stock over time. AS racers ourselves we will do what it takes to get it to you quickly and at a reasonable price. E-mail us your modlite or dwarf car photos for posting. . Thank you very kindly for visiting us here at NXS MOTORSPORTS...

You can contact us NXS Motorsposrts in Hanoverton, Ohio at 330-870-5536 Or Email us at

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