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Dwarf Car & Modified Lite Race Car Parts

GSXR 1000 750 600 motors service and parts.

GSXR Wire harness service, Toyota 8 and 10 bolt axles. Car Parts


Thanks for visiting our About Us page. For sending us your
harness to be trimmed down please send them to our address.
NXS Motorsports
32801 Teegarden Rd.
Hanoverton OH 44423

We are Located in the N.E Ohio approx 20 miles from the PA border.
Town of Hanoverton Ohio. You can phone us at 330-870-5536. We ship
daily with UPS. We also use R&L for motors and larger items. Though
our web site is new and still being built, we have been racing since

You will find all your needs for CHAMP CHASSIS cars. As we will
be stocking moost everything for that car. Including sheet metal
panel, like quarter panels, roofs, hoods, side pods etc... Also
all front end parts. And much more ready to go out to you ASAP.

During that time we have done lots of fabrication for others
as well as motor installations. We began cutting harness down
approx. 6 years ago. And have done many, many harness for all
sizes GSXRs. We only do GSXR harness. And we do them in a very
timely manner. This is to help the racer get back on the track
just as soon as possible.

We will not be stocking every single item right away. And it may
take us some time to be able to stock large quantities of items.
such as Tires, Rims, Shocks, Aluminum sheets. Tools and Safety
equipment. But most everything else we do plan to stock. Hopefully
some day not to far off we will stock all those item in larger

You can contact us by email or phone 10 am to 10 pm EST. If no
answer please leave us a message as we know your call is important
otherwise you would not have called in the first place. So we
WILL RETURN your call just as soon as possible. Thanks for the
visit here at NXS Motorsports and happy racing.....

You can contact us NXS Motorsposrts in Hanoverton, Ohio at 330-870-5536 Or Email us at