Acoustic Synergy!

Just Take My Heart

If (Bread)

I Just Called To Say
"I Love You"

I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song

If I Could Change The World

Chinook Winds

Here Comes The Sun

Dance With Me

Some Finger Pickin'!

In Memory of "Pop" Grandfather

"Stop, LQQK, and Listen..."

Welcome to the my demo page! Now playing:
..."Can't take my eyes off of you..." ("refresh" will replay)

These are less than 60 second sound clips, and are only a sample of what we do. Please allow time for songs to load.

Listen to our demos, and contact us today to secure availability for your event.

We guarantee you will be more than pleased with the quality, professionalism and dependable service we provide. We look forward to helping you celebrate your occasion with the most romantic of all instruments... the classical guitar!

Frank Lefebre
Acoustic Synergy!


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