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The Greatest Sight Ever Seen on a Basketball Floor, was Volleyball Nets Stretched Door to Door!!!

My Fav Volleyball Sites

Top Twenty Ways you know you've played volleyball too long
What Ever happened to Grace In Sports?
Ohio Women's Professional Volleyball Club
New Women's Professional Volleyball Club
Ohio Valley Region Volleyball

My Favorite Sports

Welcome to my Volleyball page!

As you can see from my list, my favortie sport is volleyball, it is also the only sport I play. I have played volleyball since 8th grade, but I learned how to play the summer before 7th grade at the Ursuline Volleyball Camp. I played Club Volleyball for 4 years for Tri-County Volleyball Club. I played last year for Wright State University... but I quit... yeah... whatever... well now I coach for Lebanon Junior High, the 8th grade team... and I will be coaching for Ohio Volleyball Academy in the Winter.

I am also a member of the New Women's Professional Volleyball League Club. It promotes Volleyball especially in Ohio. If you would like to join the club visit I recommend joining!

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