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Top Twenty ways you know you've been playing volleyball too long...

1. When All of your team mates have "volleyball" nicknames.

2. When your coach can tell by the look on you face if your having an "off day" or not.

3. When during each season you hurt yourself atleast 3 times from diving for the ball.

4. When you can tell by the look on your coaches face how many laps your gonna have to run for the day.

5. When you and your team mates make a 3-hour bus ride interesting.

6. When you have no need for knee pads after the first week of pratice.

7. When you can put up a volleyball net in 3.6 minutes.

8. When some how gym class doesnt seem as hard during the season!

9. When you dont have pratice one day, you still change into your pratice clothes and go into the gym with out even realizing!

10. When your so used to having your name yelled by the coach, you look at her with out even noticing after you make a mistake

11. When it doesnt even hurt when you skid across the gym floor anymore

12. When your worst oppontate comes to your school to play you, your REALLY tempted to take there clothes from the locker room and throw it out side.

13. When your coach makes you sit by her on the bus because she knows you cause the most trouble.

14. When you dont even wanna go out on the weekends because your so tired from the week before of pratice.

15. When you play volleyball with your family you always win, and get mad at the people on your team because they "arent playing right"

16. When your serves always go to the same place every time on the court

17. When your in other schools you dont even have to ask where the boundries and serving lines are.

18. When your team has there own cheers for each person.

19. When you dont care WHO'S water bottle your drinking out of, as long as you have water!

And most of all.............

20. When you've expereance ALL of the things on this list!