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What are PSYCHIC SYMPTOMS? This taped series has been created for individuals who exhibit acute psychic ability. Sometimes, psychic ability is just there without prompting, without classes, and without an invitation. 
just are psychic 
in the same manner as some folks are 
just intelligent, just brown haired
naturally artistic, naturally fit...

This was my
circumstance. I didn't attend classes to develop my intuition. 
I didn't set out to become a psychic reader. I
did not have this tremendous fascination to the psychic arts. 

My psychic ability/gift/capability was
just there. 

And I had to learn how to survive with it and to cope I had to learn 
                #1. To UNDERSTAND it           #2. To MANAGE it

I have designed this series to assist those who feel they may have natural psychic ability or those who might like to develop their sixth sense safely, with honesty, and one step at a time. 

Is there a topic you would like to see discussed on the tape series? 
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for consideration of tape topic.

How will these tapes help me?

What are Psychic Symptoms?

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Overall Tape Description





#1 I See Death or My Ability SCARES me!
#2 The Flamboyant Clairvoyant!
#3 I See Dead People?
#4  33 and 1/3
#5 CHAKRA Kahn?

Legend would have us believe that a true blue psychic can close their eyes, and the show will begin...thru the sealed eyelids of this... enigma... almost like a movie trailer, full descriptions of upcoming world events, the completed outcome of your situation, or given birth names will be presented clearly, accurately and without flaw. 

For me...this is not the case or the way I GET my information! I see in signs and symbols the majority of time.

Often when I am asked a question from a client, I will get an immediate sense of inspiration...or as though my heart just broke in half. 

Oh...the many times I have heard...

"OK...if you are SO PSYCHIC, then what is my name?" 
As I share my job title to someone I have only just met. 

"HEY! What's the lucky lottery numbers gal?" 
is yet another one of my favorites!

This question coming from my husband or other member!

And OH...the best meet someone, they somehow know you are a psychic, and they throw their hand out. NOT to shake - THEIR PALM IS UPWARD - and thy ask 
"OH what do you see for me?!" 

I don't EVEN know palmistry!

Do they the "psychics" world, that we have our own TOP TEN LIST like David Letterman! The top ten most annoying questions posed of a psychic.

I don't mean to scorn here. 

I totally understand mainstreams
premeditated account of what a psychic is. I understand it very well.  

In fact, years ago, I was under the impression that this is what a good, authentic REAL PSYCHIC could provide!

I just assumed (and you know what the word ASS u me d means!) I expected that the psychic COULD provide names, numbers, addresses, and events. 

I always knew something kept them from the winning numbers associated with gambling. But frankly, I never cared enough about the psychic arts to ponder...why? 

Now let me clarify...there are TIMES when a psychic can astonish & wow you with some pretttty candid descriptions of a person, a place or an event. Or maybe even tell you the emotions you have encountered over the past week or previous year. 

BUT...unfortunately, it isn't a guarantee that a psychic can deliver on command exactly what you would like to hear if you have initiated a game of "TEST THE PSYCHIC." 

And I to this day, I don't know WHY we [psychics] receive accurate explanation of one situation and not another. I have resigned to believe that we will hear, feel or see what THEY (they being our spiritual council of the other side) want us to know. And I believe the accurate information
established is the information that will help us move forward for that very piece of time. 

This brings us to...WHAT DOES A PSYCHIC SEE 
                                              or What are PSYCHIC SYMPTOMS?

The answer to either question varies significantly from person to person and psychic to psychic. I can only share what I know from my own experiences. Everything I know, I have not experienced first hand [thank God!] I would probably look even older than I already do! But what I have gathered over the past years is combined knowledge 

Combined knowledge is the learning info that I collected from... study, living with my "unrequested" psychic ability, and talking to SO many people who also...have psychic abilities. 

Some of the people that have taught me about psychic symptoms are professional psychics, some unprofessional and some... some are just people who are living with their psychic ability in the best manner possible.  

PSYCHIC SYMPTOMS include [but are not limited too]

* Lucid Dreaming: You dream of an event, a person, or numbers/dates/names and the dream (or even PART of the dream) comes true. Maybe you have dreamed of loved ones & friends who have deceased. (you may very well dream of the friends and family members of your friends. It is much easier for them to visit you, as you will be more dispassionate about the visit than would their family.
* Think of....and appear: Time and again, you have thought of someone, and within minutes, hours, or days, this person somehow ~ pops up ~ Now this does not mean you have to do this every single time you think of someone. Nor, does it mean you are only psychic IF you think of the person and ba-boom they call or you see them within moments.
* An Unintentional Know it All: Do you seem to ~ just know ~ how situations turn out? Example: Have you ever sat with a family member or friend and as they tell you a story of what's going on at work or in their relationship, you sit there listening, and you have your "head voice" going on? That voice silently tells you the outcome of this situation? IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU THEN ...TEST YOURSELF: Next time this occurs, after the conversation ends, jot down what you were "hearing" in a notebook. Be sure to date your entry. write down EVERY THING YOU HEAR! This is so important! Even if you kept hearing a name as your friend spoke. Or if you heard a number...write it down! Trust me, sometimes what you feel, hear or see, makes not a lick of sense! Even if you hear a word that sounds like Rifrafamiracho... write it down! It's those ridiculous words that end up being the most remarkable validations. Go back to your journal weeks or months later and see how accurate your thoughts were. You may be surprised at your own precision. Certain tapes from this set will provide you with "exercises" that I have developed just like the one above where you can privately & personally "test" your own abilities. This is probably the most invaluable portion of these tapes. These mini test allow you to see your accuracy (or maybe even your inaccuracies). 
* Crowds or groups of people exhaust you. When you go to a shopping mall or concert, or attend any type of get together that is closed in, you just feel so tired. This is symptomatic of an empath. A person who collects and feels the emotions and energies of others. 
* Sensing your surroundings: You can walk into a room and just sense upset, tension or maybe even delight. This is a noticeable perception. And if you are experiencing psychic symptoms, it is a strong feeling. You certainly won't second guess yourself. You will just KNOW something has occurred in that room, that house, or in the situation...before you arrived. 
* Do you tend to A] stay up late or B] Get up early? Most "psychic/spiritual sensitives" typically have to have some portion of their day or week when they remain awake during a time when most people (in or out of their home) are sleeping. I know this sounds a bit strange, and certainly doesn't sound like a psychic symptom - but there is a reason and the tapes will discuss it!
* When you watch TV or a movie, or even begin a book, do you tend to know the outcome? 
* Ever have a song stuck in your mind and you go around singing it for hours or days? Would you believe this COULD be...a psychic symptom?! 
* Do you often feel as though you "don't fit in" even when you are with family members or dear friends? And you just know you are loved and accepted. It's just the strangest feeling, and you can't kick it. 
* Is it just so difficult for you to wake up? Even when you feel you have had adequate rest? This "could" be a sign of astral traveling. And there ARE ways to overcome the nuisance associated with waking up!
* It seems that some "psychics or sensitives" suffer similar health issues such as Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue / chronic pain without explanation, headaches, ear problems (without detectable infection or Tinnitus), thyroid/pituitary, and panic attacks. These are only several of the medical concerns dealt with by a large number of those who are psychically perceptive. 

True traditional medical attention is  indispensable.
An intuitive development course should
never replace the care of conventional medicine! 


Do not
stop taking medication, sever physician care and order these tapes because you
think you may have psychic ability. My development course goes hand in hand with practicality and common sense.

For more details or to order your tapes  Tel 513 521 7976


How can these tapes benefit me?
My tapes are designed mainly to assist those who feel they may have increased or enhanced psychic abilities. I go against the grain a bit when I am asked if I believe everyone is psychic. 

I do believe that everyone has some form of intuition OR they have the ability to develop their intuition. 

Where my belief fluctuates a bit from the common thoughts on psychic abilities is that I know there are those people that are incredibly psychic - naturally

Simply meaning, the natural psychic in all probability, was never 
**trained to become psychic. And/or they are exceptionally perceptive 
without intention to ensue this heightened sense of instinct. 

** Even though you may have natural psychic ability, this is not the 
key or sign to run out, and set up a table providing psychic readings
for people. Learning, research, understanding and responsibility should
also play a part in your development.

The natural psychic can obtain their ability from hereditary.
Or what is known as spontaneous psychic emergence can occur. 
Spontaneous emergence can occur from several factors which is 
discussed in the tape titled  _______________________________. 

Let me make this even easier...
If you can answer true to either 
of the following statements...
then these tapes may benefit you. 
A. Gee, I didn't mean to be psychic. :)
B. I am ready to safely develop my intuitive side.

The various tapes offered will assist the natural psychic to better understand
their amplified sixth sense thru understanding what to expect from their ability and what not to expect. 

These tapes share my personal experiences over the past decade from discovering what I thought was typical "common sense" to actually be intense psychic ability.

I think these tapes may become helpful in allowing you to realize that some of your life experiences and background may be comparable to my own spiritual journey. The journey that led me to idenify my psychic depth.  

Topics are addressed such as 
The SIGNS & SYMBOLS a psychic sees

Understanding DREAMS when they are "predictions"

Childhood/Teen Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

The Different Categories of "being psychic" 
What are you? Clairvoyant? Clairaudient? A Dream Seer? Medium?

Terms - Frequently and non-Frequently used as you begin
to embark on your intuitive development

Meditation - Not as complicated as one would think!

Which am I? The Noun...or The Verb? There is a difference
when you decide to read for others or just use your ability
for personal reasons

For extra detail on the individual tapes, 
click on the links to your left. 

A series of services & products designed to
Enhance * Enlighten * Inspire 

Contact Vickiveil Tel 513 521-7976

Overall Tape Description

When established PSYCHIC I certainly did not jump up and down with glee! A million different emotions emerged. Most of those reactions, probably fit more into a category of unenthusiastic feelings. Now, I don't mean that I don't appreciate my sixth sense. I do. I have come to understand them and live with them. Making the abilities functional. However when you are not sure what is going on, how to decipher the signs and symbols OR most importantly how to weed out negative information you may be picking up, a forceful sixth sense...can be overwhelming.

I wish you could have seen my face when I finally said....I'm psychic??? 
The only person I said those words out loud to in the beginning was my husband! SHOULD have seen his face! Again, I have to thank God for my husbands
support, his love and most of all his trust in me. What would I have done if
my best friend, my husband, wasn't there to help me!?!?

After announcing my "problem" to the hubby, 
the 6 W's immediately lined up and marched through my head. 

WHERE? WHEN? WHY? WHAT? WHO? and...lets not forget WOW?!?!

WHERE - Did I receive this capacity?
WHEN - Did it happen?
WHY - Would I be selected to occupy such a gift?
WHAT - Do I do now?
WHO - Can help me to learn more?
WOW - I'm Psychic!!

The information on these tapes share some of the techniques I seemed to somehow acquire on DAY ONE of my development. I look back to that time, and I realize how important those lessons truly were!

The tapes will also include info that I found ... only yesterday. 

The learning process NEVER ends and for me, this ability still amazes me. 

My data has been gathered from several different avenues. Selected details are from my own personal experiences. My own triumphs and my own defeats. I discuss experiences & exercises that helped me to grow spiritually as well as psychically, 
as I know for sure, without the spirituality connected...I would have been lost.

I share the exercises and experiences that improved and impaired me along my way. 
Because you will need to view both sides of the spectrum. There are always 2 sides.
It is balance. And balance, is a Universal necessity.

Inside the tapes, you will find invaluable information I've collected from the participants of my Osho Zen Intuitive Development course. These are participants of the course who cared enough to share with me...their ups and downs of their personal psychic/spiritual illumination! 

Over the past 3 years, due to the Osho Zen course, I have made new friends and heard wonderful stories of miracles and confirmations. I cannot even begin to identify the folks in the Osho Zen course as students...I have learned SO MUCH from them! 
For my continued series of tapes, I will share some their remarkable stories. And I don't think there is anything quite as healing as to hear the words... ME TOO!

If you are psychic - it isn't just an occupation. It is a way of life. It's who you are. These tapes go to that personal place as well as the position of responsibility you hold and how to handle it. 

The tapes - all of them - remain uncomplicated. Simple examples with a breakdown of everything from psychic protection to smudging for the girl on the go!

And where would instruction be without information that helps you determine if 
you are connecting to the deceased! I have seen a rise in Mediumship since the onset of Crossing Over with John Edward. John Edward simplifies and explains the psychic abilities with such clarity and ease that a lot of folks are realizing they either A] Have had a visit from their deceased loved ones or B] Have medium abilities themselves. 

I mean...lets face it, if you are a natural medium, how do you know you are receiving a message from a deceased person? It's not like you can ask around like you are looking for a new casserole recipe! 

Not everyone - sees, hears & feels - dead people!

Who do you ask "Excuse me...I think I have this dead fella following me around?" How do YOU know when you have the spirit of a departed soul with you? Can you imagine asking your neighbor this question? series of tapes, include humor. I can't help it. Laughter has always held such an important and special place in my life. Its how I heal...

Be prepared. The information on these tapes is straightforward - direct and candid. To be raw in delivery is not my aim. BUT....The tapes are 90 minutes in length and we have a lot of ground to cover. I can't beat around the bush and still provide you with as much data as is necessary! I will share "MY THOUGHTS" and there are times that a person may feel they are an incredible psychic...and it just isn't there. I am NOT the psychic decider. I am not the council that decides if you are the psychic or not. But I do provide "MY" theories on here. I don't feel like I should be the person to provide any kind of "certification" if someone is psychic or not. That isn't my goal. I have never rewarded anyone with a "certificate of authenticity" when it comes to psychic ability. My goodness, who COULD decide that?! But I do share my theories even if that means stating, "I don't think that fits into psychic symptoms."

Here is a "for instance". The ESP and Psychic Games you find where you attempt to tell what shape is next...I fail every time! If I had to play that activity to confirm my intuitive abilities I would be washed up. BUT I think that the shape game is good only for the Clairvoyant. And...I discuss the reason "I think" that inside the tapes. 

So...just for the record....if you have always felt you had strong intuitive abilities and then you did one of the ESP shape games and scored like 3...don't throw in the towel quite yet. 

My to become your
audio buddy (Keep in mind I state. AUDIO BUDDY). My objective is to share the experiences that have helped me or held me back in developing my "psychic powers" ( to speak). I would like to think that a tape or several of the tapes made your journey easier or a bit more relaxed. My encounters can possibly help you in dealing with this talent - that you MAY HAVE or HAVE NOT asked for. If you can walk away from a tape with a better impression of being psychic and tactics to keep you safe, then the raw explanations are worth it. 

Sometimes the tape may help you a great deal. Other times a tape may make you want to reconsider the whole idea of being a psychic (whether you are the noun OR the verb of psychic!). 

Your sixth sense...can be developed or disregarded. You have the choice. 
But from what I have learned, this psychic "gift" is truly only a present when you know how to operate it with safety, appreciation and regard. 

Contact Vickiveil Tel 513 521-7976


What is an Audio Buddy?

Probably the hardest job I have is letting someone know that I cannot take on their friendship. Or help them deal with "psychic symptoms" personally. I know these words sound ruthless. How could anyone NOT want a new friend?! 

What I think is actually MORE brutal, is when you believe you have found a new friendship! Someone of like mind that understands you, only to find that the newfound on another page.

I am not able to provide one on one, ongoing assistance with those who purchase these tapes. There just is not enough time in the day   :- (

It is so so very typical when you finally locate someone who shares this extraordinary gift of divination to feel an immediate and strong bond to that person. [I did it myself!] Like I mentioned earlier, it isn't like you can turn to just anyone and share shop stories of connecting to the deceased or how you told a stranger that they were married to a man named Steve and you were right! 

Being psychic is uncommon. Not just everyone possesses this gift and secondly, not everyone BELIEVES in psychic ability! And who doesn't like to sit down after a day of work and vent!? Or share their remarkable encounters and development!?

You do NEED someone who understands this and you so terribly. 

To be sensitive, and to be alone with the ability almost seems cruel. You can surely believe that I understand the need for a friend who you can discuss your experiences and encounters. If you are going through a psychic/spiritual emergence it can be a difficult time at one moment... and incredibly wonderful the next! 

I can certainly relate to the need for some type of commonality, as my little psychic feelings were burned more than once as I began my development and sought out friendship inside the psychic "arena". In fact, I had those same little psychic feelings burned in the year 2004 when looking for a shared friendship of colleagues! 

I do understand the feelings of isolation an intuitive/sensitive can feel when they have no one to share experiences with, learn simultaneously, and sometimes...just chat of concepts and ideas.

What I have learned is just because someone shares your vocation, or your genetic make up... does not make them an immediate ally. And just because someone shares your belief system...again...this does not make them an instant buddy.

So when you DO find that certain someone, who can identify with what you are going through, its precious. Often, I may be the first person you stumble on that shares experiences of psychic ability. But I promise, that I will not be the last. Once the door begins to open, acquaintance will begin to enter!

Keep in mind, it is typical that the information in these tapes may provide a feeling of a "spiritual" bond or special psychic connection to me. For too many folks, these tapes will be the first time they listen to words, experiences, encounters, and emotions they thought were felt ONLY by them! There are common denominators that natural psychics share. And when you find someone who has endured or experienced those common denominators it can be the first step of healing. It surely is the first step to understanding! At will know you are no longer alone. 

With my years of doing psychic work, I have been blessed to have found various friends who understand me, and the work I do. 

And you will find your support system too. 

My role is not that of friend but hopefully as your link to know that you are not the only person feeling or dealing with psychic ability. Maybe this will give you the courage to tell others about your experiences...even though "being psychic" does go against mainstream notions...there are others who share this capability. Sometimes, they have been right there next to you your entire life. =)

TAPE #1    
I C Death - "My ability scares me!" 
I could not begin to count the many times since I have become a professional psychic that I have had clients, callers and conversations with this statement somewhere inside the dialogue. " I AM PSYCHIC but it scares me!" or... "I am psychic, I see death!"

I never really know what to say or how to help. Is this a question or a statement? If it is an inquiry, I could never answer with a brief remedy. 

Here we the chance of sounding condescending (absolutely NOT my intention) when I hear this statement/ thing I know, either the person sharing their "I C DEATH - I am AFRAID" with me is untrained or they CHOOSE to see death. Because this is something, you can work around. You do not need to see death if you are a psychic. 

This tape will take a look at the different ways to filter your incoming 
psychic information so that you may avoid damaging or upsetting information. 

Tape #1 includes a meditation to also assist you in eluding negative insight. I share a basic outline for you to devise a daily prayer that will promote, and hopefully provide positive incoming information.  

This tape also discusses constructive concepts on how to decide when to share your psychic input with others and when to zip it...
and keep your information to yourself. 

I share some of the situations I have personally encountered or the horror stories I have heard where extremely negative input was delivered in the form of "psychic advice." 

Tape with Shipping & Handling $13.00




TAPE #2    
The Flamboyant ... Clairvoyant you now realize you have enhanced intuitive ability. 

What next?
Is there such thing as "psychic manners"?
Is there intuitive etiquette?

And is there a safe way to open up to additional information
from your guides and Angels? 

When you begin to unlock your intuitive filter, 
chances are you will begin to receive additional
insight in the form of clairaudience, clairvoyance, empathy, or
even through your tarot cards. It is vital that you use some sort
of a buffer to be able to sift the messages. 

It is also typical for the blooming clairvoyant to become 
engulfed in research and study of their newfound capability.
Study and exploration is definitely...a good thing.

But too much, too soon can be damaging.

The Flamboyant ... Clairvoyant 
will discuss the fundamentals of keeping yourself & your client
safe with simple grounding and protection methods. 

This tape discusses the accountability that a seer should
ALWAYS maintain when presenting a reading
(whether the reading is free or of charge).

And what do we do when we feel a client or friend is
becoming dependant on our psychic guidance? 

It is so very easy to become caught up in this wonderful
gift when your skills become visible, or when you first 
acknowledge them. Once you find security and understanding
of your ability, you have a comfort zone with your intuitiveness.

When you recognize the intuition, the next thing that normally 
follows is a realm of miracles. You will SEE how the psychic info
you are getting, actually comes into play. You can FEEL the 
energy of Angels/Spiritual Guides. And all of this starts to 
fit into place. The comfort ... where it is needed ... can suddenly
turn you into... The Flamboyant Clairvoyant! :)
And trust me...there is no room for grandiosity if you aspire
to stay connected to the healing light

Tape with Shipping & Handling $13.00



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