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Before you start viewing the images I would like to point out somethings

1. I have checked all images found here. I can assure they all work. At times some thumbnails may be stubborn and not show, (IE users) right click on the image and hit "show picture" it should show up. Other times when you click on a picture the picture will not show completly, but still your browser may indicate that it download it all; this is ANGELFIRE's fault not mine. The images tend to come back, after (a long) time.

2. I did not scan the pictures found here. Thats why you can take them without linking back to me, but hey! I did took time in uploading them, checking em etc...

3. From time to time I may found a "better" quality picture of one I alredy have in my "archive". Thats why not all pictures are what you see in the thumbnails.

4. New images are at the bottom of their correspondant categories

5. Not all pictures are in their correct categories (by far I only know 2 aren't), I'll fix this later.

6. One last, These images are in ANOTHER angelfire account of mine.