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Finite Element Analysis Homepage

John C. Stearns, Ph.D.

Purpose/Objective: To provide internet users and my students information regarding all aspects of Finite Element Analysis
Table Of Contents: My Engineering Concentrations and Background
  Coursework related information
  FEA related programs for Download
  FEA Related Documents
  Links to other sites
  Revisions and communications about this page

My Engineering Concentrations and Background

Education: BSME, MSME, Engineering Ph.D. With Concentrations in Rigid and deformable Bodies, Theory of Elasticity, Structural Dynamics and Solid Mechanics
Thesis Topic: An Analysis of Incremental Plastic Strain in a Pipe Elbow with Varying Bend Radii.
Ph.d. Dissertation Topic: An Investigation of Stress and Displacement Distribution in an Aluminum Alloy Automobile Rim. Also see ALGOR FEA Ad

Industry:Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron, Ohio, USA.
Staff Technology Engineer: The Eveready Battery Company, Westlake, Ohio, USA.
Vice Chairman: ASME Akron Section

Consulting:FEA and Mechanical Engineering Consulting


Course Syllabi: University of Akron: College of Engineering, Department Of Mechanical Engineering.

Introduction to Finite Element Methods Summer 2002 4600:420
Finite Element References for 4600:420 (1)
Mechanical Engineering Graphics 4600:165
Fluid Mechanics 4600:231
FEM question and answer group 4600:420
ASME FEA Seminar 2002
Additional Courses And Seminars Offered.: Inquires for small group training available.


Executable C++ Programs that I have written

All Programs have been upgraded to Ver 3.0 Source code is available here C++ Source code

Visual BASIC Versions Are HERE

Description Link for download
Multiplies two matrices and displays/ files (Mmult.exe) Matrix Multiplication routine ver3.0
Inverts a matrix using Gauss Jordan Elimination (Inv.exe) Matrix Inversion routine ver3.0
Solves a linear systems of equations. (Gauss.exe) Gaussian Elimination ver3.0
Solves one dimensional displacement problems coupled with thermal effects (Oned.exe) Ver 3.15 One Dimensional FEA with Temperature Effects ver3.1
Solves two dimensional displacement problems (Twod.exe) Two Dimensional FEA with Temperature Effects ver3.0
Solves three dimensional displacement problems (threed.exe) Three Dimensional FEA with Temperature Effects ver1.0
Solves plane stress/strain and axisymmetric elements (2dalt.ZIP) Plates
Solves same as above but includes text file writing (heat1dc.exe) Ver 3.1 Scalar Field Problems: Heat Transfer C++ exe file version 3.1
Solves the 2 element rotation problems / Math CAD ( General Plane Displacement using MathCAD(zip formatted)
Hexahedral Elements and 3d analysis Hexahedral / Bricks
2d beam & 3d beam element problems. Ver 3.15 Beam elements: beamer.exe ver 3.1


Finite Element and Continuum Mechanics Related Documents and files

Energy Inner Products : Development of The Stiffness Matrix.
Finite Element Refresher: Element Types and Properties (3).
Hexes and Tets: Hexahedrons & Tetrahedron Elements (2).
Library.els: To Download Algor Material Library for the Linear Stress Analysis processor.
Stiffness: Self extracting zip file. This MATHCAD file calculate a plane 2d element stiffness.
Beam Editor: Methodology of using the ALGOR Beam editor
Boundary Conditions : Explanations of Boundary condition symbols used in my lectures
Boundary Elements: How to use gap and boundary Elements in Algor (1)
Gap Elements: Further defined + example (1)
Centrifugal : ALGOR model for Centrifugal Circular disc conical section Centrifugal loading. (4)
Heat transfer : Functional approach for one dimensional heat transfer.
Heat transfer : Dave's Heat conduction, convection and radiation technical guide.
Superdraw III : Menu Tree Version 5.0 (2)
Thermoplastics :Applications using FEM, Kinematic design using FEM (2)
IGES: Solid modeling interface used with ALGOR (3)
Surf: How to use Supersurf  and COMBSET(3)
2d plane stress: An Introductory example on how to use ALGOR for simple 2d analysis (1)
Buckling Analysis: An Introductory example on how to use ALGOR Buckling analysis(1)
Matrix Analysis of Structures : Explanation of the one dimensional truss element using the direct approach.(5)
Elastic Solids : Plane stress / plane strain and constitutive theory in mechanics.
Polar Coordinates: Stress distribution about a symmetrical about an axis.
Mooney- Rivilin: Explanation of the Mooney Rivilin / Highly Non linear Rubber Models.(2)
Weighted Residuals: The Galerkin method is presented and the truss element derived.(4)
Access: Microsoft Access 97 Query Boolean Operators (1).
ACAD: Autocad Rel2000 Solid Model Boolean operations (1).
IGES: Solid modeling interface used with ALGOR (2)


Finite Element Links

Links Page: Many Engineering,  Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and FEA links.
Academic Library links  Search the Ohio based University libraries and  U.S. Patent Office


Revisions and Communications with Webmaster

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