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Award Rules

*** If the site does not meet the qualifications listed below, please do not apply !!!! ***


Qualifications:   Please Read!!

1) Sites containing adult material, profanity, or links to other sites containing any type of adult material will not be awarded or added to the winners page. 

2) The site must be related, in some way, to law enforcement. Sites submitted will be judged on content and design. Sites with only links will not qualify. There must be original design / content to win the award. 

3) The award needs to link back to my page. 

4) You must apply through my guestbook in order to receive an award. 

5) The site must be fairly quick loading and easily navigable with no broken links. 

If the site meets the above requirements, please take a moment to fill out my guestbook and mention law award, and I will visit your site!  Winners will be notified via e-mail as to their acceptance with instructions on where to find the award, and the URL link to it.  Please allow me a few days to take a look at your site. 

Thank you!!!! 

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