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This is a list of all my friends that I have met online. Please feel free to visit their websites. If you have a law enforcement related web site and would like to post it here please email me. And I will post it on this page, just respond with your name, your department, your state, and the URL of your site. Or if you have a banner for your site let me know so I can place it on my page. In return please place my banner above or a text link on your site.


Earnest Thibault, Alliance P.D., Ohio Destiny's Place
Lee Edwards, Beavercreek P.D., Ohio Russell Brown's "NASTY BOYZ"
Det. Mike Pittman, Kettering P.D., Ohio Tango 21
Det. Al Gaines, Kettering P.D., Ohio Shermanator
Officer Ed's Graffiti Wall, Phoenix, Arizona CopAdorer's Boys In Blue
Casper89's Page of Links and Sites of Interest Mike's Place
Ira Wilsker's Home Page The Drill Sergeants Place
Home Page of KA1YMC Nightstick's Post

Ken Lyon's Law Enforcement Page

Dawkeye's Homepage
Police Pages Lt.Dennis Walus
Angels In Blue K9 Cop Benny
Ronís World dedicated to ham radios & Law Enforcement Paul's Page-Grand Rapids P.D., Michigan
D-7's Web Page - Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, OH Ron MacKenzie's Police Links
Columbus Ohio Police Officer J.B. Summers Officer Ed Cahill
Officer JC Newton - Perry P.D., Florida
Dayton Military Police, Joe Wyatt
Jerry Johnson's Patch City, West Chester, Ohio Officer Vidner D. McCraw, Virginia Beach PD,
Det. J.D. Coarsey, Hendersonville P.D.,Tenn Sgt Matt B. Connor, Mason P.D., Ohio




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