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Eagle & ShieldOne Hundred Eighty Fourth OVI

Ohio FlagThis was one of the Regiments raised under the last call of President Lincoln for one year's service. It was organized at Camp Chase, February 21, 1865, whence it at once proceeded to Nashville, Tennessee, where it was engaged in garrison duty for a time, and then went to Chattanooga and to Bridgeport, March 21st, at which place it guarded a Railroad bridge across the Tennessee, as well as the Railroad track between Chattanooga and Bridgeport, a distance of 30 miles. In such service it had frequent encounters with Rebel guerrillas and Cavalry, capturing some of the enemy and losing a few men. July 25th the Regiment moved to Edgefield for garrison duty, in which it was employed until mustered out of the service, September 20, 1865, when it returned to Camp Chase, and was paid and discharged September 27th. The Regiment was composed largely of excellent men, most of whom had served two or three years. Its commander, Colonel Henry S. Commager, had won distinction as Captain, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel in the Sixty-Seventh Ohio. Ezra S. Dodd, now State Senator, was Major of the Regiment, and Judge David H. Commager a Second Lieutenant.

From History of Toledo and Lucas County, by Clark Waggoner
Volume I, page 205

Eagle and Shield

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