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Time Menace

by: Juan & Jimmy

DATE: 1/1/96
TIME: 12:45 Military Time
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are united here to welcome the brand new year of 1996. But we are not only united here at this marvelous party to thank Dr. James for funding our research and supporting us to bring the most incredible invention that will ever be created! Thankyou Dr. James for your support. In this year we will start our research and we hope that by the year 2001 we will be ready to start building the TTM. And I want everyone in here in the TTR team to work your butts off this year to bring the world the machine that will change history! But for now enjoy the night."
Dr. Smith and Dr. James were the happiest men alive. They had just left college, the two twenty-two year olds were about to start research on a way to create a new fuel that would let man travel faster without polluting and that would allow passengers to travel in them without being killed. They had figured that Dr. James could provide with the funding and they could together change the world. They were the best of friends and they had known eachother since they were 12. "Gregory Justin James, your wife Mrs. 'happily married'Michelle Jackie James is here!" Michelle announced to Greg.
"Well tell Mrs. James I'm busy right now and that Dr. James can't see her right now...," Greg Teased.
"Well tell him we are married now and that we have some catching up to do," replied Michelle with that voice that Greg just couldn't resist.
"Well, well, well let's go then!" said Greg, "I'll see you tomorrow at TTR then I have to attend my wife."
"I understand, Happy New Year!" replied Dr. Smith.
"Goodnight, Mike" "Good night Dr. Smith"
And with that thwy were both off.

It was early Monday morning when Mike arrived at the TTR Center. When he enetered the large building it almost seemed impossible that Greg had provided his research team with all this. It was time to get to work, because there were many days of intense research to be done if they wanted the TTR to work.

Greg was already in the executive meeting room when Greg had arrrived. Looks like Mike was a couple of minutes late. He was in a hurry to get started. He looked around and greeted each of the managers from the different research groups starting with David, then to Rob, and lastly to Sam. He quickly started off his long speech on what it was he was looking for. And his last statement was to make it simpler "You all have read A Wrinkle in Time, we want something to make the distance between to distant points right next to each other." And they got to work.

That same night Mike had a barbecue and invited Greg and his wife over. They had a great time. Michelle had announced the great news that she was pregnant and expecting a child. Then Greg and Mike left their wives talking about the coming baby and went inside to watch the news. They were really interested in this guy Benjamin Hatisku that just took over the Russian governent. Some weird stuff went on between him and the former politicians and they had seceded their power to him. There was something odd there. Nobody knew what. The news was playing in the background: "Hatisku was formally handed the power over the Soviet Union yesterday, and he is now signing some sort of treaty with Mongolia. At this moment. Shelly Worton is over there now with the the story coverage."

DATE: 2/10/97
TIME: 13:45 Military Time

Greg ran out of the TTR Center to go meet his wife in a hurry. He was about to meet his new born son that Michelle had been carrying for the past 9 months and a half. It was all very frantic. Things suddenly ran out of his head, all he could think was that he was the happiest man alive. That he was about to be the father of a baby.

Mike promised that he would meet him and Michelle after all the reports were in from the three groups. A lot of prgress had been done in the past year it was unblievable. They had found the two possible compounds that they could mix together the problem they had no idea on how to do it with out having a mass explosion. But it was all cool. Mike was happy, too. he couldn't believe all this was happening. He also felt as if he were the happiest man alive. Like nothing could go wrong now.

Mike and his wife, Margaret, arrived at the hospital at 6:30 p.m.
"Margaret! Mike! Look come look at my son, Charles Robert James!" Greg cried with Joy. The sight looked so funny Margaret couldn't help laughing. Greg looked like a puppy that had just found a bone in the backyard, wagging his tail. It was also the sparkle in his eyes. It was great. They walked in and greeted Michelle and congratulated her.
"Well I would like to make an announcement, we were waiting for the right moment to announce this, and this seems like it," started Margaret, "I'm also having a baby I just found out I was pregnant two weeks ago!" Greg and Michelle congratulated Mike and Margaret. It was a very happy night for everyone. They stayed and talked till 9:00p.m. and it was only because the nurse had told them to leave, only Greg had permission to stay behind.

DATE: 2/04/98
TIME: 10:48 Military Time
SETTING: Phoenix Hospital

"Mr Smith, we are in a very critical condition, something has gone terribly wrong. I tried to not alarm you, but everything got worse and I must inform you that your wife is on the border line of dieing. She is having trouble and the baby might go with her if we don't get it out in time." Dr. Norton informed Mike.
he couldn't believe. He was only married to Margaret for a mere 4 years. This couldn't be. Mike just broke down and started yelling and crying. He was about to loose his wife and possible his daughter aswell. He lost it so bad that a nurse had to give him some tranquelizers. And it took a while before he calmed himself. He went into the room 10 minutes after he was told the news. He went by his wife's side and held her. She was unconscience. A minute later she was gone. The doctor quickly ran to the room and eventually got the baby out and put her in intensive care. Mike couldn't belive what was going oon. It had to be a dream. There was nothing else that was near rational thought. it had to be. He finally convinced himself it was, but it was only for a a couple of seconds then he let out a cry so loud that it went all the way to the opposite end of the building. He started to cry and shake. A nurse tried to calm him down but she ended on the floor. Mike hugged Margaret in an attempt to not let her go. An hour later he was on a bed in room 345.

The next day Greg went to visit him trying to give him spiritual support. Greg had been there since 6:00 a.m. He, too was very shocked and disappointed. "You have to get up, you have to live or else what will be in store for your daughter's future?" Greg had asked Mike in an attempt to get him back up. But it was no use. Mike had lost interest in everything his life was a disaster. Only a year ago they were all together living the best of life, and now...there was nothing left. Nothing to be done or said. Mike was a living corpse. Didn't say a word just opened his eyes and looked straight at the ceiling without blinkine. Anyone that saw him would think he was dead if it wasn't for those moments were tears would roll down his cheek. He couldn't help it. It was a tragedy. if they were going to get Mike off that bed, it was going to take a lot of work.

later that day Michelle had arrived and she was shocked at what had happened. She was even more shocked at the sight of Mike. He had asked Greg to leave and let her talk to Mike. Next thing you know Mike wasup and ready to go. Michelle had always had that power to motivate people. It wasn't just the speeches she gave, but there was something in her voice. It was a gift alright. A very good one.

The funeral was probably the hardest on Mike, but he stood his ground. He stood strong and tried not to cry, but he did. He had decided to name his daughter Alice. AFter all it was what Margaret wanted her daughter to be named. Everything went through Mike's head as they lowered Margaret's corpse into the black hole. He thought of everything, her, his daughter, the TTM project. Now he was more determined that ever to finish the project. He had to see his wife one last time and tell her about her daughter. He was ready to work even harder than before.

TIME: 15:30 M.T.
SETTING: Greg's House

Everyone from the TTR Center was gathered celbrating Alice's and Charles's birthday at Greg's house. They hadn't been able to move on with their project since Margaret's death. That was a terrible year. Margaret died, Alicia almost didn't survive, the computers at the TTR Center crashed, one of the research team manager was out sick for like 2 months, Greg had been in a terrible car wrecked, so not much was done the past two years. They were two years gone to waste. Also the middle east was having a terrible time: Hatisku had invaded and taken over Kazakhstan, Afganistan, and Pakistan. Not much damage was done, it was only a terrible year for Pakistan. Hundreds of Massacres had taken place. This year couldn't go any worse. No information was lost from the research.

The cakes were all ready served and the little children were playing in the sprinklers, then Sam, who was also a news maniac, came running out to get Mike and Greg. "Dr. Smith, Dr. James...come quick! The news!" he cried out. They all went inside. Greg's house was huge. There was no doubt that he was a multi Millionare. The room were the 40" TV was was huge! It was painted a light shade of orange and had black leather sofas that just went with the rest of the little expensive decorations on the wall. Just the little 10 inch tiger on top of the tv set was about 10 grand.

They all sat on the big sofa and listened to the newscaster: "Hatisku invaded India last week and is now invading Iran. So far there is no explicable reason for why he is doing this. President Bill Clinton still refuses to take action. He says that he will not give the order of attack to inciate World War III. Majorit of the votes were also in his favor. But he did give the order to muster up trrops on both coast lines incase of something unexpected happens. Comming up next, a 25 yr. old is killed in the city of Chicago..."
They all started talking about Hatisku and his plans. They all thought that there was something odd happening in the Middle East. They didn't find it possible that he could take over countries so easily just like that. It was a very interesting topic. It was everywhere you went. EVeryone ws talking about. Some people even thought that Clinton was in with it. But most thought that was too far fetched. Next Page