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Time Menace: Continued

Background Info on Hatisku

(okay if this doesnt make sense oh well!)Meanwhile Hatisku has been making plans to take ove Great Britain. As all this time went by he took over France or atleast most of it. He had made the French government sign a treaty making him the "owner" of the French army. He has gone to prison before in the past.(just to let u know.)And now very soon will take control of Great Britain! He is now the future leader of Euorope. (u r probably asking"how come the other countries aren't doing anything about it?" And the answer is: "because it's a made up story that I created and I'm maaking all the leaders very stupid not to interfere!)Oh and if u feel like complaining e-mail Jimmy.

TIME:11:34 Military Time
"OK, everything ready and set to go," said a worker after 7 years of hard work. This had to be a miracle! But then again Dr.Smith and Dr. James were pretty sure this was going to work.

There was actually a camera that filmed Martin Luther King live and in color! Well it was only for like 5 quick seconds, but it worked!

Now that everything was proven it was time to inform the president, but before they did that they had to plan the real "time machine". So they started their work, by doing a blueprint. But for this they first had to come up with a car that they could fit this device into. The car was needed to make traveling a lot mor comortable. So they came up with a Lamborgini. For this it took a while.

The scientists then later got down and started to see what they had left in their budget.

"Oh my God! We'll have it all when the government decides to buy this project, we spent about 65.5 million dollars in this!"exclaimed Dr. James, very astonished.

"Well you'll see that will have MORE than that,"said Dr. Smith very calmly.The next day the two workers were of to Washington D.C.

SETTING:Washington D.C.

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