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(Left to Right)Jennifer, Gaetana, Me, and Shevaun. In the back was my chaperone getting in the pic. This was on our way to Universal Studios.

(From left to Right)Brian W, Chris M, and me. We all were in the same room for the two nights.

This is Shevaun and Jennifer!

Our last day in Florida, we went to go eat at Maargaritaville, and we got this guy to come over to our table and let everyone @ the restaurant know it was her b-day. lol. That was fun.

This is just a pic of the carving. I thought it was cool, cause it looked like the person had too much booze and was throwing up...*shrug*

Stupid disposable cameras! Sorry. You can't really tell who they are cause their faces are blacked out. But...from left to right it is Shevaun, Gaetana, Jennifer, Alyssa, and Mandy as we went in to Islands of Adventures.

This is (from Left to Right)Shevaun, Jennifer, Gaetana, me, and Mandy @ Islands of Adventures.

LOL! This is in Dr. Suess land @ Islnds of Adventures. It's like this tiny door where everyone but Jennifer had to like bend down to get through. lol. it was the perfect doorway for her.

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