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(From left to right)That is Shevaun in the yellow, then comes Gaetana in the peach colored shirt, then the short one with the sombrero is Jennifer (I got her that from Mexico in December 2001), and the last one on the right is me.

The front row to the right is Audrey. She was my old stand partner last year. Next to her is Gaetana, who is a violist. Behind them is Shevaun on the right and me on the left.

I'm in the middle, and Sara H, cellist, is on the left and Sarah C., violist, is on the right.

That is Madelyne on the left, then its me, then maggie, then Audrey.

That would be Jennifer M, my best friend who is a violist, and me on the right. (Notice how I am squatting down to go down to her level)

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