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Okay. These two are cute. Some people hate that in a villian, but I love it. I looooove it. When villians lack human vices and weaknesses, they simply do not hold my attention. The more normal, everyday touches there are in a villian's character, the less ridiculously strong and power-hungry they are, the more fun they are. Mummymon and Arukenimon are often compared to Jesse and James, even to Boris and Natasha. That's fine with me. I love them, too.

Musings -

The show sort of explained things, but there's plenty left to ponder over. The Musings & Theories page is an archive for scene summaries, facts, quotes, soundfiles, ideas and random thoughts. Feel free to submit stuff for this page!

Fanfic -

There isn't near enough of it, but what there is is great. I wrote a quick little cool fanfic links list. It's right over here.

Fanart -

A few places you can find good fanart of the unlucky couple:
Lord Puppetmon has some sweet art about, but you'll have to hunt for it...
Wizardmon's Domain features her incredibly sweet drawings
David Templar has some amazing Cosplay Mummymon photos
Son Rhandi's Digimon fanart is great stuff-
Glay's got a few lovely CGs as well, but the page seems to be down.
Mine is right on this page...

Other Shrines -

Blackjack Gabbiani's shrine to Oikawa is definitely worth visiting, and even has a little shrine to Arukenimon & Mummymon too. And Keia began a beautifully laid-out shrine to Arukenimon. No content yet but the screenshots in the background are beautiful.

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more screen captures

Li'l fanart
an extra-big version
of the pic up at the
top of the page
an extra-big version
of the pic up at the
top of the page
Yep... the cute,
grinning undead.
He's spooky,
but still cute.
A sweet lil sad
ol' Mumm.
A better attempt at a
realistic Mummymon.
Aru enjoying Mummymon's
attention for a change
Scarey hyper-realistic
minus the shades
a tracing of
in the tub
Mummymon being
really far too cute
a tracing of
Arukenimon is
hard to draw
Mummymon being
too cute again
bigger version
my first drawing
of Arukenimon
my first drawing
of Mummymon
Um... Mummymon showing quite a bit of skin. Probably PG-13.So how do you get new engine parts if you're a Digimon lackey with no visible means of support?

For the older kids

Sex, violence, masochism, mushyness
and all that fun stuff. Right this way.
Not for the young ones, okay?







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