Gratzi mi amores!

I'd like to give many, many thanks to my *sister* for helping meeh out with this page whenever she could and correcting the errors I've made on it. Many props to you girl!

Visit her on the web-and sign her guest book too ;)

Muchoz props to Erik for reviewing my lyrikz because he's ALMOST as knowledgable as meeh on musik. *MuaHz* Gracias whytie!

Feel free to IM him on AIM at wh0a its erik.

Much love to Evan, who helped meeh with my poetry and submitted poetry of published poets to the poetry page!

A thousand thanks to Monique, who sent me some of Lacey's poetry, as well as pictures to put on her page. I can't thank you enough sweetheart.

Massive hugglez and tons of respect to my mom, who let me dig through her photo albums to find pics of meeh, critiqued my page honestly, and just all around helped meeh when I asked, even when she was busy.
Don't be shy-email or IM my mommykinz at or see her on my family page!

Thank you all!! I couldn't have done this by myself, seeing as how I hate HTML and hope Steve Case and Bill Gates die a long horrible death by being sodomized by rabid killer goats. *Smo0chiez!*