Mah FamiLee

Yay it's meeh *the lil one with the weird hair* n my mommy n my nana...this was about 12 years ago. Also, the colors n shit look reeeeeeeally bad, n quite frankLy I'm too lazy to figure out why n fix it, so just pretend you can see it really well.

My Nana n Bappy

Angelina Greene~October 15th, 1925-October 17th, 1995
William Greene~

The first one is of my Nana n Bappy a loooong time ago because my nana's hair is brown, heh. N the second is my Nana...this was taken at the same time the picture of the whole family was. -=0)

My Dad

Even though I don't talk to him anymore, I guess he did try for a little while to be a good person, so I'll put him up here anyway...
The first is him playing wif me n I'm all shocked by the camera...the second is of him n my mommy waaaay back when, I dunno if I was even around yet.

N noooow the best part-my Mommy

K those are all pictures of my beautiful mommy po0...I have to find a recent one dernit...-=0p But anyway, the first is her senior portrait, n wh0a nellie wasn't she pretty *biiitch!* The second, well I dunno where that is, but she seems so happy. Then there's one of her on her wedding day, she's in the nana n bappy are in there, too, n her husband, n her best friend at the time, n someone else, but clearly, she takes the spotlight. Then there's a Christmas picture, and oooo I really like that dress. Last, is a picture of her when she was in the army, n she's recieving something, I dunno wut, but you can tell that dewd is checcin her out.

N now, my dedication.

~*A Brief Summary of her Life*~

My mom was born Cynthia Ann Greene on June 16th *I'm not gonna say what year, that's rude* in Ft. Worth, Texas. She lived lots of different places, but she went to high school in Massachusetts in a tiny little town that no one cares about. She graduated at 17, and moved to Texas, where she had lots of fun. (She's told me about this fun, but frankly, that's supposed to be between me and her, so if you wanna know about it that bad, you can ask HER, k?) Anyway, since my mother was so very very sexy, she got lots of boyfriends and stuff. Eventually, she joined the army, which she was in for 11 long years, where she met her first mistake, Richard. They married, and divorced shortly after. Anyway, after that crap was over, she had more fun and got her boogie on with her friends and yadda yadda, this was before me, so ya know, I can't be all descriptive. Well finally she met her second mistake, Larry, and they dated and then THEY got married, and then along came ME!! (If you people would like for me to explain how I came to be, then maybe you should attend a sex ed class at the local university.) Sad to say, they never divorced, but they ARE seperated and have been for about 13 years or so. During all this time, she lived in Germany and France and finally, her, my nana *her mother* and I all moved in with my nana in Pawley's Island, South Carolina, which is yet another piss ass town. We lived together there until like 1994 or so, and then we moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After that, my nana died and we cried for a long, long time. My mom finally decided that she couldn't stay in a place where both of her parents had died, so we packed all of our crap and hauled ass to Sacramento, California in 1996, where we've lived ever since.

~*Why She Kicks Ass*~

Mmmk, some of you are gonna be all "Why in the hell is this girl so fond of her mom?" Okay, well first, I'd like to say that just because I fight with my mom, that doesn't mean I don't wubble her. She's tried for 15 *okay ALMOST, I'll be 15 in a few days, aight, shut up* years to be the best she could be, and to be honest, not many parents these days do that. She's been raising me all by herself for a loooooong time, and in today's society, that's pretty damn hard. No matter what she does though, she puts 110% into it, and I admire that more than anything. She never gives up, but she knows when something isn't worth it anymore...she's beautiful and intelligent and has worked for everything she has. THAT is a true woman.

I love you mommy. -=*0)